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Changing One or Two Things Can Make all the Difference

by Kevin D. Crone

September 28, 2015

As you look back over the last few years of your business life — and even your whole life — you probably see that much of what you thought needed to change, didn’t. I could paper our office walls with plans, analyses, and operational goals and reports that were written based on our desire to change and improve our business. Some we achieved, and of course, some we didn’t.

“A man convinced against his will is uncommitted still,” said Dale Carnegie, who knew a bit about people and how they act. There is something beneficial to just doing what you want to do (especially on vacation), yet, success leaves clues. If your commitment is to be successful, then it’s absolutely obvious: you have to do what needs to be done, even if you have to face stress and tension when you do it.HTWF book

The question for all of us is: how bad do we want to succeed? What do we aspire to? Commitment is the source of action and always will be. No action = No change = No improvement.

I guess we’ve been coddled too much, thinking everything should be easy, especially with no stress. Now, if our concept is that we don’t deserve success, then choosing a loser’s limp to hide our inaction is a predictable choice. “I could have succeeded, if only”. If only what? I suggest that of the few things that could be changed in yourself or your business, there are one or two that would make the most difference, and in doing so, you would improve results. Usually it is one big thing. Ask your spouse. No — don’t. It might not be the best idea to open up the “What is it about you?” conversation, which often doesn’t go well. Granted, it can be tough to listen to anyone else about your need to change, so try listening to yourself. The answer resides within — you just have to look.

When coaching, I used to think, “If my clients could just listen to themselves”. Well, we do have those “if only” conversations with ourselves. We also tell ourselves other things like, “oh, that’s too hard” or “this or that won’t work” and it’s amazing how we turn out to be right. We were right because we talked ourselves into not trying to get better.

Having worked with hundreds of business leadership teams over the years and having personally coached many individuals, I can definitively say that people and business can change. You and I can commit to a goal or aspiration, and face up to reality. That reality would include our self-imposed self-concept and beliefs, which are not really accurate at all, but were made up in a weak moment. We can achieve our goals. We just have to find that one thing we need to change to make it so.

You and I have seen managers who don’t communicate, salespeople who don’t prospect, and teammates who don’t listen. They make us think, “Why don’t they just change that one thing?” Life and business would be so different for them! Their results would be better. Heck, we all have that one or two big things.

I’ve seen quiet, introverted people become good salespeople — usually some of the best, because they listen and don’t talk too much. Managers who are control freaks actually become good delegators, engagers and builders of people. Leadership teams who were too political or toxic get their act together, become aligned, rethink their business and implement action plans to improve the business. It’s really no big deal to accomplish if done right, and if they’re able to get some good coaching.
For example, many years ago, I chose to be healthy because I wanted a long, adventurous, exciting life with my family. I realized that too many of my relatives had heart problems. So my actions were to study health, find a mentor, and implement some changes.

By nineteen, I quit smoking, eating red meat, dairy, and fried foods. By the time I was thirty I regularly played tennis two to three times a week. I was taking well-researched supplements and vitamins by thirty-five. I stopped drinking at forty-five. I ate more fruit and veggies and followed a rigorous walking plan. Now, as a senior, I continue to live a good healthy life. This is no big deal today. Thousands are doing similar things to be healthy. But it all started when I made a choice. My genes were a loaded gun — but it was my lifestyle that was the trigger. My commitment caused me to learn and act.

As we know, anyone can take similar actions to be healthy. And anyone can look at their business, career and life and get what they want through change, learning and action.

How about you? What kind of business do you choose to create? What kind of career and life do you want?

Over the years I had the amazing Doctor George as my mentor, Marcel to keep my muscles and bones in good shape, Andrea as my naturopath, and Doctor Rose. All these people were ahead of their time, and I chose to pay them to coach me. Best bucks I have ever spent. I learned it was tough to accomplish what I needed to on my own. So they taught, kicked butt, encouraged, prescribed the next action, and helped me get and stay on my path.


MMM action button…because Action is all there is.

I suggest that if you want more success in your business, career or life, make a choice as to what you want and aspire to. Look at the related reality, find a mentor or coach, and get into action. The one or two things you need to change will happen and you will have a better business and life.

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
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