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Today is the the 7th annual “Bell Let’s Talk ” day

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Today is the the 7th annual “Bell Let’s Talk ” day, so I thought it prudent to talk about a topic that we should all care about – Mental Health. As Business Leaders and/or Owners, if you ever wondered whether you should be concerned with this topic, the research I conducted to prepare for this article certainly suggests YES. Mental Health, largely consisting of Stress and ...

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Are you just Settling?

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You wonder where the time went. Life just goes by doesn’t it? Who would think that you are where you are in life? The great, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You and I forget about the choices we made along the way and it wasn’t all circumstances. Somehow we give too much credibility to the past and circumstances. Yesterday is gone. The past can do nothing but teach us what’s ...

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whats your story

So What’s Your Story?

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It seems that everyone and every entity has a story and it’s made up. Most times, if they’re repeated enough, even those that are a myth are believed. Cultures are made up from stories. It lives and is spread by conversation and they can control our destiny if we allow it. Let’s look at Canada’s story. Our history shows that we were never trying to be anything, rebel ...

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Why Your Resolutions Will Never Happen

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… Unless You Do Something Different! Let me guess, you made some resolutions, even if only in your head, about what you’re going to do differently this year, and 2017 is the year of change for you.  For those of you who made a resolution to show up differently at work, have a better attitude, be more assertive, be more confident, and just generally be more effective at work, ...

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The Power of Enthusiasm

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Over the holidays I attended a 50th anniversary party for some friends. I had a conversation with my old friend Terry. Terry has been retired for seven years. He misses his old business buddies and the thrill he got from building his customer accounts. Over the years, he became disoriented. He was unhealthy, drank too much, and became overweight. He was frustrated with all of it. Life ...

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Time to Press the Reset Button

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Happy New Year! News Years can be the time to take advantage of that important reflection, and time to press the reset button to create the meaningful life we want. At least once a year at New Years, many people determine what it is they want, how they want to improve and set some goals. Maybe it’s to be healthier and lose ten pounds by working out more and eating better. We all know that ...

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