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How we can do our Part to Remove the Stigma

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These past couple weeks have been some of the most difficult of my life, in fact as I write this article all the emotions I’ve felt are flooding back. Over the Canada Day long-weekend we lost a dear friend who committed suicide.  Like many suicides, as I now know through research, it seemed to have happened out of the blue.  Just the weekend prior, we were all together as friends planning ...

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Unusually Successful

7 Tips for Being Unusually Successful

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Life is unusual, so you need to be unusual to be successful! Just when everything seems normal – wham, stuff happens! Adversity raises its ugly head again! Why is that? I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but that seems to be the way it is. Success can be puzzling. If everyone experiences adversity, feels heartbreak, and experiences disappointment and despair, why is it that some ...

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Whats Going On

Let me Tell you What’s Going On…

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A lot of changes! I’m up north at the cottage on the beautiful pristine lower French River delta, in the middle of summer, and I have a big sweater on and all the windows shut at seven in the morning. (A polar vortex, whatever that is… A lot of big business changes are just as weird to grasp.) I thought I would summarize the biggest trends I see. This comes from two years of research, ...

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Ticket to Success

This Could Be Your Ticket to Success

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Lately I’ve been thinking again about what it takes to be successful. This topic has taken up my thoughts since 1964 when I was one of those who picked up the ball to keep Dale Carnegie’s vision alive in Canada after his death. Dale created a vision for me and millions of others that I could succeed in life despite any perceived drawbacks. He actually proved to us that we could feel ...

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Why is Change so Difficult

Why is Change so Difficult?

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I’ve worked with a handful of companies to improve their sales results. I wish it was as simple as teaching new sales techniques. It’s a structural issue. According to one of my brilliant old mentors, Robert Fritz, everything has a structure and design that causes the behaviours we get. For example, if our commitments, systems and processes, actions and conversations with customers, ...

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