Dale Carnegie Course – Preview Meeting

The Dale Carnegie® Course – Preview Meeting

YOUR Success is Our Focus!

Experience the process that’s helped over 8 million people achieve success in the unique environment that defines the essence of Dale Carnegie… inspiring, fun, positive and action oriented.  AND…Join a century’s worth of achievers including Warren Buffet, Sam Walton, Lee Iacocca, Mary K. Ash and yes even Chuck Norris!

-This training and coaching will increase your ability to be at your best when you need it the most.

Our participants…

  • Sell more and strengthen relationships
  • Provide a “wow” customer experience
  • Inspire people and teams
  • Get promoted – Get hired
  • Worry less and get more done
  • Increase their confidence and belief in themselves
  • Present and communicate persuasively
  • Lead – Influence people and change
  • Get out of a mental rut and create and achieve new possibilities

Is this training and coaching for you? We don’t know.

So, we invite you to meet our team, experience the environment and improve your skills.

This 2 hour FREE sample meeting will introduce you to the Dale Carnegie® Course.  Locations all across Canada!

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