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Achieving Rapid Growth in a Stalled Economy

Today organizations and leaders are facing unprecedented business complexity combined with thinly stretched resources and hyper-competitive environments.

More than ever we need to do the impossible even as our teams at all levels are “fatigued”, under resourced, and suffering from staggeringly low employee engagement levels.

The Bottom Line – Low employee engagement means low productivity, low customer engagement and lower revenue to support the sustainability and prosperity of the company.

Let’s face it; we need to inspire ourselves and our teams to be passionate every day. We also need practical and feasible ideas fueled by our knowledge of our customers that we can implement to make a real difference in our business.


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At Dale Carnegie we are on a mission to help business leaders and organizations in our community reignite leadership and business performance by identifying what it really takes today to accelerate talent development, engagement, performance and profits.

We have been interviewing Canada’s top Thought Leaders and Practitioners. Over the next year we will be sharing these insights and our own research and experience through videos, articles, discussions and events.


Some of the thought leadership comes directly from the likes of Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, Pitney Bowes, Schulich School of Business, Harley Davidson, to name only a few. Plus insights from respected consultants, Authors, Successful CEO’s and Business Owners.

Some of the topics include:

    • How to create the inspired and fully engaged culture you want and need.
    • What powerful brands and well resourced companies are learning and doing and what insights we can apply to our own organization?
    • Create and sustain highly engaged employees
    • Embracing the talents of the new generations.
    • Leveraging rapid learning for a strategic advantage
    • The real meaning of employee branding. And why it matters.
    • Matching your products to your customer’s real and urgent needs
    • Sales force Transformation –For today’s tough new world!
    • And many more….


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Kevin R. Crone
President Dale Carnegie Training
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits.

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