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Just Keep Swimming

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Many years ago, I remember saying to my young son, after he had a bad day, “It really doesn’t matter”. I repeated, “It really doesn’t matter”. As a father I was concerned about how he was affected by disappointment, things going bad as they sometimes will, and how he would handle it in the future. After years in my business of coaching business teams and ...

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What is Engagement Anyway?

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Last week a funny fellow said to me, “Things are so bad, I have no one to blame anymore – I’m running out of excuses.” I laughed but the more I thought about what he said, the more real that thought is to many others. Maybe business people will accept a little of the responsibility, for now they can get on with engaging a team to create a new future. I’ll bet ...

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What Holds you Back From Success?

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What is it that holds people back from: Doing what they want or should do in life? Seeking out new opportunities? Being at their best in difficult situations? Being comfortable with people problems? Standing up, speaking out, especially in groups? Performing at a high level?     Answer: FEAR Fear is more dangerous to your success than any one thing. How do you explain people stopping ...

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