World Famous Dale Carnegie programs: 4 Distinct Levels of Competence
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The Dale Carnegie Course®
More than ever our leadership, communications, and people skills program is used by those who want to show up more powerfully.  People dramatically improve their confidence and the way they communicate to lead people to produce tangible results.

Leadership Training for Managers®
This is our fastest growing process.  Effective managers execute business plans through leading, coaching, and managing. Participants engage in improving their business, not just discussing vague concepts or theories. We challenge each manager/leader to create tangible business results by applying what they learn. Their report card is tangible business outcomes.

  • Leadership Training for New Managers! Developing Your Leadership Potential®
    This is a new “foundation” program aimed at improving the skill sets and mindsets of new managers and those with high potential being considered for leadership positions. Understanding how to shift your focus from the tasks you did as an individual contributor to being a leader.

High Impact Presentations®
This workshop builds outstanding boardroom and presentation skills.  It is the toughest and most impactful coaching available.  Don’t let presentations hold you back from building your business or your career.

Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling®
We constantly research current sales trends and incorporate our findings into this program. Organizations wishing to secure new clients or convince clients to migrate to them appreciate our sales approach.  Their sales people go beyond simplistic sales “techniques” or relationship skills and learn ways to uncover important information to assist buyers in making critical buying decisions.

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You will love what Dale Carnegie will do for you and your business!