Dale Carnegie Course Kick-Off Meeting

Be our Guest at our Dale Carnegie Course Kick Off Meeting & Bring Speed to Your Success!

What Makes the Difference in People?

Do you know people who seem to command respect wherever they go, achieve success in business and in relationships, with seemingly little effort?

Ever wonder how they do it?

What is it that makes these people different? Why is it that their careers are somehow fast tracked while others seem to be stuck in neutral?

You’re probably not that much different from these people; you abide by the same rules, wear the same clothes, work the same hours, maybe even eat at the same restaurants. However, with a slight improvement in a few areas you could fast track your life and career.

So why do they appear to be AHEAD OF THE GAME?

The Answer Probably Isn’t What You Think…

A 5 year study by the Behavioral Research Press found that “those who were promoted most often and given the biggest salary increases did not necessarily turn out to be the most technically competent.  It was those who were most willing to make whatever level of competence they had visible.”

The skills and attitudes that separate these people from the rest are:

  • Courage to go after new challenges and adapt to changes
  • They have a clear plan to fast track their career and create the life they want
  • Unlimited enthusiasm and passion
  • Possess a natural self promotion

AND an ability to:

  • Deal with, and impact people
  • Communicate effectively in one-on-one conversations or in groups
  • Manage conversations to move people to action
  • Handle life and work stress and remain focused

Experience Dale Carnegie® for yourself, at No Cost!

You and a select group of business people are invited to attend a Kick-off meeting showing you what the Dale Carnegie® Course will do for you and your business – a process that has helped individuals become successful professionals for nearly a century.

This meeting is much more than a typical information meeting; this 3.5 hours is actually the first meeting of our World-Famous Dale Carnegie® Course.

By attending, you will come away with a written plan to accelerate your career and business results. You will have a more focused vision of what is possible for you.
We encourage you to learn more about how Dale Carnegie can support you by attending the Dale Carnegie Kick-off Meeting.

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