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Dale Carnegie Course

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The World Famous Dale Carnegie Course®

“I can’t tell you how much it helps me everyday. The one who doesn’t criticize, condemn or complain, the one who is hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise easily stands out, gets the support of others and has no competition.”
– Anuj Anand, Sr. Consultant, Toronto
“The Dale Carnegie Course changed my life.”

Warren Buffett proudly displays his Dale Carnegie diploma and talks about the positive effect the course had on him – Watch the Video Here

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What Makes the Difference in People?

Do you know people who seem to command respect wherever they go, achieve success in business and in relationships with seemingly little effort? Ever wonder how they do it?

What is it that makes these people different? Why is it that their careers are somehow fast tracked while others seem to be stuck in neutral? You’re probably not that much different from these people; You abide by the same rules, wear the same clothes, work the same hours, maybe even eat at the same restaurants. However, with a slight improvement in a few areas you could fast track your life and career.

So Why do they Appear to be Ahead of the Game?

The Answer Probably Isn’t What You Think…

A 5 year study by the behavioral research Press found that “those who were promoted most often and given the biggest salary increases did not necessarily turn out to be the most technically competent.  It was those who were most willing to make whatever level of competence they had visible”.

The Skills and Attitudes that separate these people from the rest are:

  • An ability to deal with, and impact people
  • Courage to go after new challenges and adapt to changes
  • An ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one conversations or in groups
  • They have a clear plan to fast track their career and create the life they want
  • Managing conversations to move people to action
  • Unlimited enthusiasm and passion
  • An ability to handle life and work stress and remain focused
  • Natural self promotion

People are influenced by subtle things when deciding who is or is not a leader.  Those little things are more important than ever.  The speed at which business is conducted requires you to be on your toes.  When you stop and think about it, everyone (more or less) is just trying to get along or get ahead and that is where the problem exists.

Too many people think only about themselves and not enough about others. This is why dealing with people in the workplace, at home or in business seems so hard. You may think of others first when dealing with others, but they may not think about you in the same manner.


This Is Where Dale Carnegie® Can Help You Open A Window Of Opportunity

Whether you’re looking to improve your self confidence, enhance your people skills, lessen your stress at work, become a better speaker or your boss said it would be a good idea that you take this program. Dale Carnegie® is designed to help you get exactly what you’re looking for, and more.

Dale Carnegie® has radically shifted the lives of over 8 million people around the world, which is why you shouldn’t think twice before joining a project near you.

Dale Carnegie® isn’t about sitting in a chair behind a little desk. It isn’t about listening to a teacher or trainer with no real life experience spitting out theory after theory of how and why certain tricks or techniques should work. And it certainly isn’t about writing long winded notes from that will get tucked away and forgotten a week after the course ends.

Dale Carnegie® Can Help You Set And Achieve Specific, Personal, Real Life Goals That Will Make You Who You Really Want To Be AND Get You To Where YOU Want To Go

Isn’t that what you really want? Becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be or get to where you’ve always wanted to go, doesn’t happen by magic. YOU are the only one who can turn your aspirations into reality. You may need a little help actually doing it, and that’s where we come into the picture.

If you don’t visibly enhance both your personal and business skills, how will you advance in today’s highly competitive business world? (You won’t!)  It is like an Olympic athlete trying to win a  gold medal without training and coaching. Their chances are slim. The same goes for you. Without the proper skills, chances are you could remain at the ‘average’ level for most of your career.

“I am the customer service manager. Part of my responsibility is to help develop and implement strategic initiatives throughout our organization, one of those areas being our supply chain. What the Dale Carnegie Course enabled me to do was present some recent initiatives and changes more effectively.  Now that we have implemented these changes, we plan to create in the upcoming months somewhere in the neighbourhood of $36,000.00 to $48,000.00 in annual savings for the company.”
-Rick Foster, Customer Service, Sealed Air ( Canada ) CO/CIE


In The Dale Carnegie® Course you Learn How to…

  • Become a strong, persuasive communicator
  • Listen at a deeper level
  • Build confidence and assertiveness
  • Sharpen interpersonal skills
  • Manage stress and worry and become proactive
  • Lead and Influence others
  • Create an Innovation Plan to build momentum and achieve results

Even if you’re not the type of person who is striving to be a corporate executive, branch manager, or business owner, Dale Carnegie® can help you reach your goals.

“It’s remarkable how taking the time to write out my vision and sharing it with people has brought my current situation into existence. I am a valued contributor at my organization and I enjoy going to work every morning!”
– David Yeates, Program Manager, Dale Carnegie Course Graduate


Become Who You Want To Be AND Get To Where You Want To Go

That’s What The Dale Carnegie Experience Is All About

Dale Carnegie ® Course is a spaced learning process through a series of meetings 3.5 hours long.

The school system is set up for you to learn over a certain period of time, so your brain can absorb and retain what you learn. TIME SPACED LEARNING is the most effective way for you to learn.

As you experience what each meeting has to offer, we hold you accountable to applying what you have learned, whether it be at the office, on the job or even at home. Holding you accountable to applying what you’ve learned is the biggest reason you will begin to achieve every goal you make in this project.

That’s What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Training Program In The World

“My objective coming into the Dale Carnegie® project was to improve my people skills and learn to be a more effective leader. Not only did I meet these objectives, I learned valuable lessons from my Business Coach and fellow participants. My intentions were always well placed, but I was not doing a good job of communicating those intentions. Things are taking off for me in many ways, now that I am breaking down the barriers I put up for years.”
“Today I build and strengthen relationships. This helps me be a more effective supervisor. I practice the principles of intentional living, and I know that my future is entirely within my control. My stress level is greatly reduced and my outlook towards my organization is much more positive and optimistic.”
– Stephen Costello, Stations Engineering Supervisor, Waterloo North Hydro

You can’t expect and hope a 1 day workshop will enhance your skills. With nobody there to hold you accountable. It’s like reading a book, you only remember about 10% of what you read and a week later you only retain about 5% of that. It just isn’t the most effective way to develop skills.

Do you remember the old saying…”practice makes perfect” , we say, ” perfect practice makes permanent.” That’s what you get when you join a Dale Carnegie® project, you get the skills and then you get to practice those skills to perfect them . And the best part is you will get the support of your Dale Carnegie® Business Coach to help you make it happen. We won’t leave you hanging or wondering how to do what you’ve just learned.

With the support of our highly experienced coaches, you also learn from the other participants. Because each group consists of approximately 30 people, you benefit and learn from what these participants experience. You also get to listen to their advice and relate it to your situation.

You don’t realize what is pulling you towards the same habits until you experience something different. Its Almost Magic – you’ll love it because it works and sticks for the rest of your life. You can create the skills and attitudes that are in high demand in business and in life. Warren Buffet said; “The best investment he ever made was in the Dale Carnegie Course.”

It all comes down to how you deal with and impact people in every facet of life.

Once you engage in one of the projects you begin to notice things happening around you, such as:

  • Catching people off guard with what you say and what you do
  • Your manager asking you for your views and opinions
  • Team members listening to what you have to say rather then talking over and or above you
  • Your family telling you that they like what they see and friends wondering how you did it

Jay Leno in Fortune magazine said “show business is not hard, its just basic Dale Carnegie stuff”. Jay’s “stuff” has made NBC an estimated billion dollars to date and personal fortune.

Most adults have not worked as hard on themselves as they have on their jobs. Dale Carnegie stretches your comfort zone and increases your capacity to hit stretch goals.

Leadership is in demand. Most organizations are worried about the shortage of future leaders and the talent gap created by the retirement of the Boomer generation.

The Dale Carnegie Course has built over 8 million leaders. Lee Iacocca once said, “everyone that aspires to be a high performer should take the Dale Carnegie Course.” He took it early in his career and went on to be a great leader, communicator and business star.

“I interact with over 120 employees and before taking the Dale Carnegie Course, I used to react quickly to whatever it was someone was asking of me. Now I listen more attentively and work it through with that person until we come up with the correct answer together. I am now coaching my people to come up with the right conclusion as opposed to simply giving them an answer. ”
– Antonio Mascarenhas, Site Manager, Quarry Dufferin Aggregates

So if you are ready to make a difference in your life or a serious change in the way others see you, and you are ready to step out of the box, click here to join us in an upcoming Dale Carnegie® project.

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Click here to view offerings or to register for an upcoming Dale Carnegie Course.