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Creating Spectacular Talent – Part One

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This week’s Monday Morning Mentor covers critical understandings on the path to superior leadership skills, including: Creating spectacular talent to ensure that your business has the capacity to hit stretch goals and compete during periods of change. Waking up your training initiatives to produce results. Why leadership and leadership continuity (succession planning) are so important. The ...

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Secret to Success - Final

Waking Up a Business Means Waking Up the Little-Known Secret to Success…

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It is puzzling to study business and try to determine the best path to achieve personal success as I have for 48 years – and then realize that knowing what to do isn’t as important as we make it out to be. Yet, you and I are constantly looking for answers. We think that when we find them, everything will be better. Really? Applying what we already know is what really matters. Why is ...

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Just for Today!

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Whoa….. Monday again!  Sunday, I just finished all the stuff that went into planning this years fishing trip with my old pals.  Getting there, the banter, fixing one of the boats and the dock. Oh yes, the fishing, the meals, the packing and cleaning up and the long drive home Sunday from the Northern Ontario island, on the beautiful French River.  And it will be over in a flash! Seems ...

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Disruption….The World Needs More Canada

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Recently, I gave a one-hour presentation in Boston to a group of business people from around the world, who are part of a 104 year old company. I was asked to disrupt their thinking about how to grow in this chaotic business world.  In my presentation, I reviewed the 60’s, 70’s and every decade up to now, as to what it was like doing business then and now, in order to reveal changes, ...

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An Important Letter to Leaders

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If you lead, you probably have a picture of the future you want and how to get there.  It’s usually what’s in our head and our heart, and shows up in continual conversations with our team.  Planning is the key. While necessary, budgeting is the least important in building the future.  Those who don’t have belief or are not excited about the future, usually depend too much on ...

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