The Sales Transition Project

We will begin to transform your sales force to obtain bigger, more complex sales. We will implement new perspectives for your customers and prospects on their business that drives action – for them and for you. Overall, you will help your customers with their business by reducing their costs or increasing sales. You will have inspired and committed executives/owners who are ready and able to lead the change. A customer intelligence team will be in place which includes a marketing component that will continually be researching and listening to generate insights and to involve and equip sales people. This team will build commercial transformation for the whole business with all the parts supporting a well thought out offering and story that compels customers to say “Can you help me?”.

Teamwork and corporate profit

Our Offering:

With a clear business strategy that everyone understands, their insights and stories will be directed and tailored and segmented to customers with similar needs. You will have scripts and choreographed stories that match your offering. Sales management will coach for behaviour and innovation, share knowledge and continually help salespeople segment targets, prepare insights, customize their stories, rehearse calls, and coach to get the deal done. Your engaged and trained salespeople will practice and be coached to help you ignite your business and improve productivity.

Components (offered individually or as a whole):

1) Executive Alignment: Business coaches will communicate with executives to ensure alignment of business needs. We will work on the business first: rethinking the offering, story and communication channels. A digital analysis will be performed so that will give us an understanding of where the business currently is and where you would like it to be. We will help pick a commercial transformation team and follow up on the leadership and business design as required. This step takes around 2 – 4 hours.

2) The Commercial Transformation Team: Creating customer intelligence is their key mission. This will include a group of sales managers, marketing personnel and key performers. They will examine a snapshot of the business: the strategy, what makes the business stand out and what customers really need. We will create interruptive insights for customers based on their input, engage in research projects if needed and develop unique customized stories that connect to insights. We will create sample business cases for similar needs customers and involve salespeople to develop scripts relating to them. As a result, we will create the right insight for the right customer. We will include the Marketing Department. You will be coached individually on the marketing component of your business to develop a message library, develop ongoing research and source new messages. We will spend one to two days on this depending on complexity. This step will take 2 days.

3) Sales Management Coaching: You will be coached on how to increase production,  employee engagement and reduce turnover.
• Assess and tone up the general offering and story and integrate it into your marketing.
• Investigate, create, share based on coaching models. We will work on behaviour and encouraging sustainable change.
• Work on expected outcomes, setting goals and empowering employees.
• Develop tools for performance, functional maps for tailoring messages, action plans for accounts and create innovation tools
This will be 2 days with formalized follow up coaching.

4) Sales Team Transformation: Involving 80% of your team goes for it but aimed at your core performers. We will work on creating your own market and getting bigger sales opportunities. We will prepare salespeople with a new way to grow the business by helping their customers grow in revenue or to reduce costs.
• Develop the sales team with a new focus on coaching the customers for success. We will work on scripts that reflect this.
• Create action plans, agenda calls and scripts for salespeople focusing on account development and management. We will build existing sales managers to continue and implement these processes.
• Connect sales messaging to business strategy, being able to reiterate the business’ focus and goals to match customer needs
• Reporting experiences, increasing successes and learning from losses
This will be 1 day a week for 3 weeks.

5) Annual Stretch Camp: We will continue this change and create sustainability by holding an annual stretch camp to assess improvement, report insights and challenges and rework process areas if needed.

The environment: Experiential teachings in a safe and positive atmosphere with a behavior coach. You will be coached for results that stand the test of time, that are effective, reproducible and are easy to implement.
We will engage executives and sales managers who want to lead the future of their business and behavior development of their salespeople.

For more information on offering our Sales Transition Project on-site, contact our Corporate Solutions Division at 905.826.7300 or info@dalecarnegie.ca.