Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling

Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling®

The Most Focused & Comprehensive Sales Training Program Available Today!

In an increasingly complex selling environment Sales professionals use a relationship-oriented selling approach to help their customers win.

In today’s complex sales environment, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy. Armed with pricing and information from your website, reviews from the Internet, and recommendations from an army of colleagues and friends, they are already 70% through the buying process without engaging with a sales person.

Sales professionals can win, or cut through the noise by fostering authentic client centered relationships. A strong customer relationship allows the sales organization to build trust and then offer insights as well as meeting their business objectives. Only through enduring and meaningful customer relationships, can sales professionals come to understand which approach will create the best opportunity for success. True relationships create loyalty, which in turn builds a sustainable pipeline, making it possible to meet or exceed goals and quotas.

Join us for Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling

Time Commitment:
Full days (8:30 am – 4:30 pm), meeting for 3 consecutive weeks.Click here to view offerings or to register for an upcoming Sales Training.

Who Should Attend:
Sales professionals and organizations that understand the best path to success is to focus on the customer and use relationship selling to create valued solutions for their clients.

Dale Carnegie sales training programs focus on person-centered selling, thereby building relationships that create a sustainable pipeline of success.

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling stands out as the only sales program that combines a proven selling process with timeless human relationship skills from the groundbreaking Dale Carnegie bestseller, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Join us for this unique sales training program and find out how you can:

  • Build self-confidence to earn trusted partnerships with your clients
  • Effectively communicate value from the buyer’s perspective
  • Accelerate the buying process through relationship-oriented selling
  • Create a loyal customer base through relationships based on credibility and results
  • Produce predictable sales results with an attitude that engages customers

Today’s successful sales professional is dedicated to the customer. They know their customers, share their successes, and help them work through their challenges, as strategic partners. These successful sales professionals work to understand their clients’ needs, discovering and providing solutions through a customer-centric lens. The wise sales professional, seeking to prospect with success, will focus on increasing numbers of appointments set, on reducing buyer objections, and on increasing commitment that builds a sustainable pipeline.

What We Will Cover:

  • Committing to a Relationship-Oriented Approach
  • Building Confidence and Credibility
  • Establishing Profitable Connections that Expand Your Network
  • How Collaboration Leads to Commitment
  • Creating Value for Your Customers
  • Communicating Your Value with Confidence and Ease
  • Effectively Managing Hesitation
  • Strengthening the Buyer Relationship

Now That I’ve Decided To Take Dale Carnegie, How Do I Get My Company To Pay For It?

Answer:  Build A Concise, Straightforward Business Case On How You Will Have A Positive Effect On Their Bottom Line.

Click on the booklet Making a Business Case and download it now. It will show you how to get the support of your organization to sponsor you for these programs.

PMI Certification:

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling graduates now have the opportunity to earn 26 PDUs towards their PMI recertification.

If you are a member of the PMI, click here or contact us for more details.

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If you need a team building experience, quick skill building workshop, full training solution or an experienced facilitator to run critical business advancement discussions, you will be impressed with our teams ability to listen, relate and engage the entire group in a productive, positive experience to hit the desired outcomes.

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