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How to Improve your Leadership

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How do you attract, build, and retain leaders so that you can compete successfully in the marketplace? How do you invigorate your leadership training and development initiatives? These were a couple of key questions our worldwide organization asked human resource professionals and managers recently, as part of our research project. The following is a small taste of what we uncovered. * ...

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Don’t Forget to Say…

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I was reminded of how important it is to say important things to people you care about when I lost two of my best buddies over the last couple of years. I think of them often, as well as my deceased brother and sisters. I have some things to tell them all but I can’t. The best moments in life are usually with family and friends where we appreciate their support and ...

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What Makes you Unmotivated to Improve?

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Lately, a smart and solid business coach made a request and as a result we had a one-on-one mentor session.  He said he seemed to be in sessions with people who expressed that they realize the need to increase their performance and get better but, when it came right down to it, they just don’t do it. He said they seem to be stuck in the normal routine of their lives which takes over, and ...

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We build businesses. Business people build businesses.

We Build Businesses

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Business people build businesses. Highly knowledgeable, technically-oriented people are part of the creative force needed to enable a company to compete and succeed in today’s incredibly changed  business world. The future belongs to enterprises that add value for their customers and support offerings that turn on markets. When young people take over, the emerging connected, collaborative, ...

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Making a List of Things ‘To Do’ is Not Setting Goals

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We often confuse the busyness of today with how to create a good life or a better business. Yes, we’d better work hard, stay focused, do the tough things first, have our lists and get at them until the sun goes down. What’s more important is: Where are we going? What does our business need to do to grow – to get there?  Where do we need to grow? What goals do we need to work ...

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