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Who Am I Today?

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I am a blank sheet of art paper today. No one can tell you or I that we can’t create a good day to add to a great life. Sure, so many years in business and my past times have me recalling past victories, great family times, loving grand kids, some financial success, great friends and great relationships. This all gives me spirit to continue to: • create and set new goals • see problems ...

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Are We Communicating Better?

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With all the ways to conveniently give others information, are we actually communicating better? Are these ways actually improving our business? Are these new tools building the capacity of our people to perform better? Technology has changed the world and we should keep up to the cool, ever-changing tools if we want to operate effectively and get in step with the world as it is, but, ...

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What Does it Take to Have One of Your Best Years?

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                Business has many moving parts. It’s often difficult getting them all working. In your best years it seems to happen. What does it take? I was asked that question last week while walleye fishing with some seasoned businessmen.  It’s the time of the year to get geared up again. I suggested the following five proactive actions. ...

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How Leaders Learn – Part Two

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              How do you attract, build, and retain leaders so that you can compete successfully in the marketplace?  How do you invigorate your leadership training and development initiatives? These were a couple of key questions our worldwide organization asked human resource professionals and managers recently, as part of our research project.  The ...

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