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Are You Leading Yourself?

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When we think of leadership, we often think about leading others. But it is important to remember that before you can do that effectively, you have to be able to lead yourself. That will look different for everyone, but the principle remains the same—do you practice what you preach? Do you walk the walk? Here are a few ways you can do a self-leadership audit: Know What You Are Working ...

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Build That Communication Muscle Back Up

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We are at a point in our country where several offices are starting to open their doors back up to their employees. While you may be looking forward to the office, it’s also normal to have some hesitations and concerns, especially when it comes to your communications skills. If you find yourself excited but nervous, here are some tips to help you prepare to interact with an in-person office ...

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Three Enemies You Didn’t Know You Could Have

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Hate takes a toll on a person’s health—mentally, emotionally, and physically! When we feel hatred, we’re releasing stress hormones in our brains. The long-term effect of living with stress leads to inflammation in the body, which opens the door for several other health conditions. If you just did a mental rundown of the people in your life and determined you don’t hate anyone, you might ...

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How Do You React to Failure?

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In life, failure is inevitable. If you dare to dream big, the more mistakes you can expect to encounter along the way. The question then isn’t if you’ll fail, but how you will react when you do. While there are countless ways someone could react to failure, they generally fall into two categories—the “right” way and the “wrong” way. The “Wrong” Way The “wrong” way ...

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Mindset of a Champion

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The event everyone looks forward to every four years—the Summer Games—is right around the corner! In just a few months, we will see the best of the best take on their opponents to win the Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. The buzz of excitement has already begun with the trials broadcasting on television these last couple of weeks.  It is hard not to admire these young athletes and appreciate ...

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