Public Speaking Mastery

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There are other ways to get through public speaking or  presentations.

This workshop introduces the basic concepts of Public Speaking and effective communication in an entirely new way. This workshop focuses on communication skills independent of other media (ie. PPT) and applies a variety of techniques. From the Toastmasters method, strategies from police interrogation and poker analysis, theatre, improv, stand up comedy and the experiences of the speaker.

This workshop is interactive and will use audience participation and application throughout.


  • How to communicate confidence using physical tricks, irregardless of how you feel.
  • How to create impactful statements.
  • How to keep an audience’s attention even if you are nervous.
  • How to overcome nervousness.
  • How to prepare for speeches so that nerves cannot effect you.


Individuals, university students, employees and managers with little or no public speaking experience who understand that public speaking ability is a key ingredient of success.

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