How to Find and Keep Good People

The Talent War is on!

In this strong economy, the need to find and keep the best people is a critical business competency. When we have the ideal team, executing our mandates and business plans become significantly easier. Having people who can think for themselves, communicate in a way that interrupts the status quo and drive the future in a productive way, are gold!

So the question is:

How do we attract these talented stars, and once they are on our team, how do we keep them?

In this action-packed, 2-hour seminar, we’ll uncover the following:

  • What the top performers want from your company’s hiring process
  • How to attract the best, even when candidates aren’t actively looking for a new position
  • Best practices for retaining great people, especially during times of change and chaos
  • Retention principles and how to create an optimal culture where these principles can thrive
  • How to become a best-in-class workplace that attracts and maintains top talent
  • Finally, handling the “I want a promotion” conversation, when no opportunities currently exist

You’ll hear from a local expert, Tony Pace (President of Trovo Resources), on how to find and hire the best people.

Troy Treleaven (Senior Vice-President, Dale Carnegie) and Victor Bernardo (Performance Consultant, Dale Carnegie) will reveal what the best companies are doing to create a workplace of choice and how you can do the same with your organization.


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Niagara – July 17, 2018
Burlington – July 19, 2018