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A Blended Approach to Optimizing the Learning Journey

An overview of research combined with expert insights into when blended (digital and traditional face-to-face) training strategies are most effective along the learning journey for the development of interpersonal and other soft skills.

We interviewed Learning & Development (L&D) experts on the topic of whether we can and should be moving the learner journey to digital platforms when developing soft skills is the objective. This white paper discusses their experience, insights and opinions along with an overview of relevant research.

Covid-19 has increased the speed – and need – for digital transformation everywhere, and the L&D function is no exception. But while L&D technologies are advancing every day, many professionals and practitioners are struggling to make sense of when to leverage these new modalities.

While recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, this white paper provides evidence to guide leaders’ decisions on how to optimize the learning journey for soft skills mastery through the use of a blended training delivery model.

A Blended Approach to Optimizing the Learning Journey

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