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Management Training

The #1 need in business today is to hire, develop, and retain those who will be leading at every level of their businesses.

What are the skills and attitudes required to be that leader?

We specialize in helping thousands of managers develop the habits and competencies of effective leaders. The following habits help managers execute initiatives, get results, and build people.

  • Connecting with the business strategy, initiatives, and goals of their business or organizations
  • Creating an environment of trust and respect that encourages innovative thinking
  • Effective team builders. Effective leaders lead teams. They practice alignment, engaging others in common goals and commitments.
  • Build people through coaching. Poor leaders view people simply as a “resource.” It’s important to invest time and energy in effectively selecting, developing, and tapping the true human potential in each individual.
  • Focusing on results; building a culture of focused action
  • Delegating, decision making and problem solving. There are key steps to each that they practice over and over again.
  • Inspiring and motivating others. Effective leaders listen at a high level and communicate with passion. Like any discipline, these two skills take consistent practice.

How do you stack up with these skills?

The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers helps you develop these leading, coaching, and management habits. Maybe you didn’t realize these are the core competencies managers on the way up develop. Perhaps you are like most managers who are overwhelmed with new initiatives and less resources and limited time to improve your skills.

The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers will quickly give you execution skills. As a side benefit, you will gain increased spirit and confidence from the clarity of the material, practicality of the process and genuine application time. You will become skilled, and inspired; an incredible combination!

The Missing Ingredient in courses, training, and seminars.

Most training does not connect you to the reality of your business and organization. The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers is the only program we know of that is totally committed to improving your performance in your real world by working with you step by step over a reasonable period of time to deal with whatever business issue or people problem is in front of you.

A Non Academic Approach

The Leadership Training for Managers isn’t a sit behind a desk and learn theory all day course, nor is it abstract principles that only work when applied before lunch. It’s practical; hands on coaching designed to produce bottom line results. Each skill you master impacts directly on actual job performance and your real world.

Leadership Training for Managers is not just a course…

It’s a dynamic participation process consisting of 14 modules, each focusing on one specific aspect or skill. You are actively involved through practice, group discussion and application projects. Then, using the Dale Carnegie spaced learning approach, each skill is reinforced with application until it becomes part of your personal management style. This systematic application and follow up turns abstract business concepts into business behavior, with long term benefits. So, in the end you don’t just leave with high hopes and a binder full of theories, you leave with hands on business skills that are now a part of your regular routine.

Time spaced learning assures long term success

Leadership Training for Managers is designed for managers of small, mid sized or large organizations who want to be more effective in the essential skills of creativity, delegation, accountability, communication, problem analysis, decision making, time management, planning and motivation on behalf of your organizations business strategy and initiatives. You will have the execution skills required to move you and your team forward.

Our promise

Our results oriented training takes place over a period of 7 weeks, once per week for 3 ½ hours or on 3 consecutive full days. The time spaced learning format allows for real world application of concepts between sessions as well as a forum to report back on results achieved. This approach will also help you achieve skill development in the following areas:

  • connecting with your organization reality for results
  • the creative process
  • decision making
  • motivation
  • performance appraisal
  • customer satisfaction
  • teamwork
  • time management
  • directing
  • the planning process
  • control
  • communication
  • applied leadership
  • coaching
  • accountability
  • getting things done

Each meeting contains practical application projects that correspond to the participant’s actual “on the job” responsibilities, so the projects completed in the program directly improve performance. This positive form of accountability ensures long lasting and measurable results.

By building on the skills you already possess, this training enables you to maximize your leadership potential. You may also tailor the training process to your unique culture and business initiatives. This will lead to developing leadership skills that align with management’s vision for corporate growth so you can become or remain a part of their team.

View the click here for more information and to find out if this Course is right for you!