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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Build the Next Level of Leadership

You are sourcing out training and coaching to build some of your key people.

The Reality is…

Finding, keeping and nurturing employees is officially a problem for organizations in Canada.

“With unemployment rates at historical lows and millions of baby boomers on the cusp of retirement, the demand for human capital is fiercer then ever.”

Randall Anthony Mang – The Globe and Mail

With the Baby Boomers retiring, by 2011 the number of jobs available will out number skilled business leaders to fill them.

Our Business Leadership programs are designed to build the business Leaders you need today and keep them to lead your Business into the future.

All of our Programs (Customized or Public) will link your Business Strategy to Operations and Performance improvement.
We call it Strategic Leadership

The result is:

  • Aligned and engaged employees in your business.
  • They will lead innovation and your critical initiatives to produce business results now.
  • You will build the next level of your leadership from within.
  • You will increase your companies discipline to make execution a competitive advantage.
  • You will have a comprehensive development program for your people.

For your convenience we offer both public local training courses for your key people you want to build as well as custom in-house programs for your people.

You will love Dale Carnegie for what it will do for your Business!

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