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Customer Service Training

World Class Customer Service Training

Turn Customer Service into Sales.

“We feel the time and money we invest in Dale Carnegie Training comes back to us 6-fold. Our people approach their jobs more enthusiastically. Teamwork is stronger and smoother because of better communication, which definitely affects productivity.”

– Education Coordinator, Automotive Manufacturing Company

Dale Carnegie Training® and World Class Customer Service increases value for your customer.

Loyal customers
They’re the engines of every business. Yet how do companies equip employees to perform their role of winning and retaining customers? Of figuring out customer priorities? Of applying tested strategies to foster enduring relationships?

Dale Carnegie Training® knows how to deliver superior service that not only satisfies customers but transforms them into business partners.

We bring companies the right tools to cultivate valued and lasting customers. These include practices to help employees become good interpreters of what customers want today, and expect tomorrow. We present the most effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction and client defection. We even offer strategies employees can use to negotiate big wins for both their companies and their customers.

Dale Carnegie Training® has benchmarked the key attributes – skills, attitudes, and behaviors – that differentiate outstanding customer service organizations. And we incorporate this knowledge into our proprietary training process, a methodology that coaches participants through a four-phase continuous improvement cycle:

Attitude Change
Phase one builds on the resolve to learn and spurs individuals to envision who they can become.

Phase two provides information, tools, methods and strategies.

Phase three puts new knowledge into practice in real-world situations.

Skill Development
Phase four hones skills to deliver breakthrough performance.

With an emphasis on the skills needed to build external and internal relationships, our training tackles issues such as how people can partner across functions to exceed customer expectations and leverage industry-wide “best practices” to strengthen customer ties.

Companies tell us the training brings measurable gains in improved service quality, better resolution of customer conflict, increased customer loyalty, and on the bottom line.

Who Should Attend
World Class Customer Service benefits individuals, teams and entire departments that interact with customers in any phase of the business process. And the curriculum is invaluable for teams and individuals who work directly with internal and external customers.

The World Class Customer Service course consists of up to 6 modules. Dale Carnegie Training® can tailor the content of the training to target your specific company needs.

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