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Nova Scotia… Meet John!

August 1, 2018

Nova Scotia:

Dale Carnegie Maritimes is very pleased to introduce to you John Zettler, the new Regional Director of Dale Carnegie Nova Scotia.

John is returning home to the Halifax area from the Toronto to help grow the Dale Carnegie business.

John strategically partners with businesses to grow and develop individuals, teams and organizations. He is a highly regarded coach, facilitator, and people strategist bringing an authentic energy and passion to the work he does. John designs and delivers results driven training and consulting solutions to organizations in the areas of:

  • People Development & Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture and Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Change Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Here are some reasons you and/or your company should work with John:

  1. Relevant. John is constantly learning and bringing insight into the market about the business and people issues that you’re facing.
  2. Genuine and Authentic. John is easy to work with because of the empathy he brings to every situation and his calm and welcoming demeanor that will put everyone at ease.
  3. No Technical Speak. John speaks in terms you can understand. He offers practical solutions that are proven to help deliver real, positive results.
  4. Proven. John has been at this for 20 years. He speaks regularly at industry and HR conferences, is a frequent contributor to Dale Carnegie blogs and is a certified coach through the certified coaching federation, is certified to facilitate all the core Dale Carnegie programs, and is certified to administer several psychometric and emotional assessments.

Take Dale Carnegie’s free Leadership Fitness Assessment to help you identify your current leadership fitness level. Once completed, John will personally follow up with you to discuss your results!  You’ll learn more about areas of opportunity and how to develop a clear plan for you to become the successful leader you strive to be.

Free Download:
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