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Clarify and prioritize your people and culture strategies to Ignite and Drive your Business!

Join us as we’re excited to share our latest research that’s helping our clients clarify and prioritize their people and culture strategies to Ignite and Drive your Business in 2018 and beyond.

Ignite Your Business and People Strategies

In this session, our senior team of Talent and Development Strategists at Dale Carnegie Business Group, will reveal and discuss where businesses need to innovate today to grow and compete. They will walk you through a framework that will help you create a plan for your business and lead the innovation charge to success!

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand 6 areas organizations need to improve and innovate
  • Clarify and prioritize your talent strategy for 2016 and beyond
  • Align leadership around your business improvement initiatives
  • Link talent and culture strategy to your business strategy and goals
  • Put more Innovation into your organization’s DNA

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Executives and Human Resource Managers who want to clarify and prioritize their people and culture strategies.

Ignite Your Business and People Strategies
Complimentary Executive Workshop

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Experience_Innovation - resized3New White Paper: The 3 + 3 of Experience Innovation
We’re excited to share with you our latest research project that we conducted over the past 6 months. We believe the trends and insights will help shape your thinking and priorities, as it relates to the growth of your business, increasing the capacity of your talented workforce and culture.

You’ll learn the six trends identified most by companies as the strategies being used to address their critical challenges.

Read the full white paper: “The 3 + 3 of Experience Innovation: Transcending Corporate Challenges and Achieving Success