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Leadership Training for Managers Program Outline

“We feel the time and money we invest in Dale Carnegie Training comes back to us 6-fold. Our people approach their jobs more enthusiastically. Teamwork is stronger and smoother because of better communication, which definitely affects productivity.”

Education Coordinator – Automotive Manufacturing Company

Now that you are in charge, are you shocked to learn that all the rules have changed? Command and control have been replaced. Employees are not told what to do anymore. Now, you influence their choices and assist in reaching goals. You do not direct; you win the team over to your point of view. You do not dictate; you inspire!

The business world has changed! Management was about pushing people to succeed. Leadership is about pulling people along to succeed. This course teaches you how to stop managing and start leading and, as a result, making you a vital part to your organization’s future.

The days of assuming that a good manager was also a good leader are gone. Clear distinctions are being made between the two. Learn the differences between managing and leading and then begin gravitating toward a more direct leadership style along with our management-based style. Stop pushing and start pulling.

Hear that sound? It is the sound of a business paradigm shifting yet again.Leadership Training for Managers will transform you from yesterday’s manager to tomorrow’s leader and coach.

Who Should Attend

Leadership Training for Managers benefits anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams and managers who want to achieve outstanding results.

You Will

  • Create a vision – a common ground
  • Develop strategies that make things happen
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Influence people to follow you
  • Gain cooperation at every level
  • Lead a winning team, department or organization
  • Empower others to deliver results
  • Recognize individual and team success
  • Define performance standards and hold people accountable
  • Master the 8-step planning process
  • Align performance goals with strategy


Leadership Training for Managers is a 3-week course running one full day per week. This proven, time-spaced learning methodology allows you to practice between sessions so these principles become part of your skill set. (Starting times may vary according to location)

*** Team rates available. Please contact us for more information.***

Register Now, or, if you still have questions, please review The Leadership Training for Managers Difference or Contact Us to speak to one of our Coaches to develop the right plan for you.