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Your Purpose

by Paul Kearley

March 31, 2014

I was cleaning up my desk area over the weekend, tossing things that have been laying around for years.  I came across a birthday card I had received a long time ago that I saved and put in the middle of my Dr. Seuss, “Oh The Places You’ll Go”, book.

As I read the words on the card, it stimulated me all over again, but this time I didn’t put it back in the book, I kept it out where I could see it, so the words could remind me to “Be” again.

Here are the words on the front of the card:

“We didn’t come here to fit in.

We came to be here to be who we are.

We didn’t come here to work.

We came here to live our dreams.

We didn’t come here for the stuff.

We came here to love each other.

We didn’t come here by accident.

We came here with a purpose that is uniquely our own.”

On the inside of the card it says: Be, Dream, Love, Thrive… Always.
(By American Greetings)

Doesn’t that just say it all?

If you’re anything like me, you do try to fit in, and it frustrates you that some people just don’t get you and your uniqueness. Try just letting go of that and focus instead on creating and defining the unique you that is screaming to get out.  You’ll be happier for it.

I’m not a big fan of “work”, I do, however, love getting people in conversations that define their dreams and goals and helping them see the road ahead.  I get to do that each and every day, so it’s more play for me.  For you it may be different. You may not be living to your best self or doing what you dreamed you would be doing.  It’s not too late.  Harlan Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was in his mid 60’s.

So many people focus their time, energy and money on acquiring things.  It seems as if the more stuff they have, the unhappier they become. The happiest people I know are also the people with positive relationships in abundance. The only thing we truly have that we can take with us wherever we go are the relationships we have with others, and once again, it’s not too late.  If you have trouble in this area, why not read Dale Carnegie’s incredible book “How to win friends and influence people”.

I shudder to think that some people think their birth was an accident. What a terrible and mean thing to say to someone. There are no accidents where births are concerned. You are here because you are here. It’s what you choose to do with your life that is truly important.  Many people born into privilege are just as lost and just as confused as someone born into poverty… they both just see it from different perspectives. Your life is truly your own, no matter what someone else wants you to be.  Your decisions about your future matched with the actions that you have taken will determine how far you’ll go.  Everyone truly does have a unique purpose.

What’s yours?

Be, Dream, Love, Thrive… Always

~ Paul Kearley
Managing Partner, Dale Carnegie Business Group – Maritimes Division
(506) 432-6500 / pkearley@dalecarnegie.ca

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