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You Can Ignite Your Sales and Improve Margins

by Kevin D. Crone

September 15, 2014

Last January, at one of my small group dialogues, we discussed the incredible challenges businesses have today in finding customers, keeping them and making better margins, we concluded that there are strategy issues and execution issues in every business. Deciding which one is the most important right now seems to be a key question for businesspeople. My advice is to treat them as one.

Strategy drives execution and tactics and the business should be structured as to what’s required in today’s brutally competitive world. I suggest that a rethink, a restart is in order to grow the business.

One executive said, “Kevin, don’t you agree that with all we have to deal with in our businesses, a fresh restart is easier said than done. Can you help us do it?”

After encouragement from my inside team, I decided to get back in the game and take on another handful of clients. Wow, we accomplished a lot together!  We called it a series to “Ignite Our Business“.

In this series, I quickly formed a small team within each client company and got them aligned on what they aspired to.

We examined:

  • Their current reality, what the present business was designed to do, how it was structured, what that design produced, and how it was all working now in relation to their aspirations. We then began to examine their market and customer realities and studied what the trends are.
  • Their offering in relation: to what their customers are motivated to buy. We looked at how they presently go to market, their story, and determined if it needed a refreshed, bolder, clearer message that was more compelling and relevant.
  • What’s going on in marketing and selling, the trends and compared it to what was going on in their industry/marketplace.
  • What made sense in relationship to our aspirations.  We created a new and improved business strategy but never threw out core strengths. We built on them.

We got clear on what was needed to be executed. For example, a refreshed story to the market; an improved offering if need be; a more relevant sales process that our salespeople can get engaged in and become good at; sales and marketing working together to find and work leads and keep customers happy; sales managers more competent at making deals with customers and coaching salespeople on a better, more up scaled sales process.

My team convinced me to help again! Maybe one last time!

On October 1st, I’m going to host a two-hour dialogue with a small group of leaders:

  • Who want to grow but are not sure how to make sense of what needs to be done.
  • To help them get started at examining the reality of what is going for them and what they can do about it quickly and easily to grow. To help them begin to strategize and execute quickly and easily so they can grow their business, regardless of their operational problems and what issues they are focused on.
  • To explain a short, but well thought out, process that can be done in months if you have a competent skilled business strategist behind it (Ah Hum), a business mechanic, and competent coach who engages and drags out of everyone clarity and simplicity… someone who is outside of their set-thinking and influence… that is my son and I.

Yes, I have help, so we can go faster and achieve more results. We did this work over four months the last time and we believe with improvements we can do it in three months.  Everything takes time, but the lack of alignment, clarity of strategy and execution with an engaged excited team, are what causes no momentum and little business results and can take forever.

We know what works; have done this work for hundreds of companies in Canada and all we need are a few leaders willing to be interrupted for a few hours in October – to be open about what is possible for their business.  To examine our process in terms of practicality, return on investment, minimum risks and whether it is exciting or not for them.

Join me and my son, Kevin Robert Crone, a brilliant strategist and coach, on October 1st for a complimentary dialogue on Igniting Your Business.

We’ll explore some trends, you’ll get a chance to think through what it all means to you, and hear what others are doing.  I’ll share what we’ve learned in helping clients gather momentum and keep it. You’ll walk out with more clarity of what you can do.

Join here. We can only take a small group, so block off your schedule now. To hear me speak about our invitation, click this link.

Hope we get a chance to discuss new possibilities to grow your business soon.

Have an enthusiastic week!

Kevin D. Crone
Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
kdcrone@dalecarnegie.ca or 905-826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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A Special Invitation from Kevin D. Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor…

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