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Wouldn’t You Like To Start Over… Just Once?

by Kevin D. Crone

November 10, 2014

Last week, I was helping my son deliver a project at Mon Sheong, a Chinese foundation that’s built around taking care of the elderly and developing the young. They have locations throughout Toronto, in three different styles that house and service elderly resident.Mon Sheong - KRC

After they opened their new ultra modern facility in Richmond Hill, their board decided to get help in focusing on the customer. They want to structure from the board, down to management, supervision and employees at all levels. They envision everything designed to make customers happy so they can continue to grow their organization as planned. Tim Kwan, their Chairman, sees that if they begin well, they’ll have a chance to be the organization they want to be for years to come. What a smart move!

You should see what our project is doing to the development of their systems (their moments of truths), where each contact with a customer is thought out and put into a procedure . Their people are divided into teams and engaged in thinking the systems through. Also, every week, we work on each person’s competencies, comfortableness, and behaviours in dealing with customers. For each meeting they read, discuss, practice, apply and report on the use of principles that are profound but simple, until some lights go on and habits are developed. Of course, they can’t see their own behaviour so for it to happen, it takes conscious application over weeks, in a supportive group, who are all doing it together.

You should hear the inspirational reports they give each week. Some board members and management are all involved in the same program of action and report weekly as well. What great leadership. We all know that knowing what to do is important but it pails in comparison to actually applying it. Supportive coaching and creating an accountable environment also makes it work. You can feel the optimism, energy, internal collaboration, spirit, team, communication that is being created.

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I thought – wouldn’t we all like a chance to start again? We all know where there are performance issues in our business. We sometimes see the lack of strategy, policies, procedures and systems that grow the business. We see and feel the lack of inspirational leadership that can, at times, prevail day in and day out. We definitely see the lack of employee engagement in making changes. And we live with them like “groundhog day”. Every day is the same as yesterday and, every now and then, there is an organizational shake-up that starts well and dies quickly.

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The point: We can all start again. We can think. Our people can think. We can change. We can lead and involve. We can get better at coaching and training our people. We can build others.

Congratulations to Tim and his board, to Stephanie their CEO, and her team. Thanks for the inspiration.

Yes we can start all over again….. Can we afford not too?

Have an enthusiastic week!

Kevin D. Crone
Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
kdcrone@dalecarnegie.ca or 905-826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032


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