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Why we’ll never grow up

by admin

February 5, 2018
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I just read an old presentation called the ‘Price of Leadership’ by Charlie Tremendous Jones , a successful author, speaker and business person from the past. What a great read. It reminded me of the world I lived in, the work I did to help build others, and the thoughts that shaped me. Those thoughts came from people like Charlie over the years. They were thoughts about real life: facing fear, getting off our duffs and going to work at what we were asked to do. Thoughts of living life with intention and design, being committed, having goals, learning, growing, actually listening to others, and caring about and building others.

These are important thoughts then and today. Yes, our thoughts make us. We think, then talk, then act. It’s how it works. The science of ‘Being’ says the source of our actions are our thoughts. What kind of people are we?  What kind of person do we aspire to be? Too bad we didn’t have a thought checker. I once told my terrific brother Eddie that what we think about all day is who we are. He said, “Are you telling me I am a good looking blonde lady?” Well you know what I mean.

What kind of results are we going to get in our lives if we aren’t developing and learning to think what we ought to be thinking? If we don’t think about what we need to be thinking about and subsequently talking about, and listening for, it’s difficult to know what we need to do. Are we coming from a vision? If we aren’t, then life can be tough. We drift or do what everyone else does. We act like others. And we don’t reach our potential. Do we realize commitment to a vision is the source of success or are we caught up getting instant bad news and information on everything and letting the ensuing conversations be about our complaints, frustrations and fears? This can take us to, and keep us in, bad valleys of thoughts.

These thoughts can let us off the hook to get going on what’s required of us in our work and life. Yet, I hear so many over the years saying, “…relax, slow down, take it easy”. Take what easy? Life and work are full of challenges and problems and more are coming!

Well, I spent a lot of my life working on trying to get going so I could face up to those challenges. Didn’t you? Action I found out was all there ever was.  Who says everything should be going right, be easy, that you should have answers in advance, and that everyone around you would pull their weight or care about your thoughts or vision? It truly is up to us. We can’t let other’s thoughts and circumstances determine our attitude. It has been said that little people talk about things, medium size people talk about people and big people talk about ideas. So, who do you want to be with? Arrogant, self absorbed, complainers trying to look good or those who stimulate you? (Make sure that doesn’t describe you most of the time. Not sure we will ever grow up, but I do know we need to grow).

So, we can’t be just waiting around to see what happens. We need to be around people who stimulate our thoughts with their good thinking. We need to let in Charlie’s great inspiration and others like him. We need to become daily who we want to become. We do that by winning the battle of our thoughts every day.

What are we going to read and who are we going to talk to that will stimulate us and help us with the battle this week?

Have a great week.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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