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Who or What Really Matters?

by Kevin D. Crone

December 12, 2016

Recently I had a conversation with a young man who wanted to interview me for his book. He got me into serious reflection and thinking.  I don’t mean having the same old thoughts, but real authentic reflection. His own story is interesting and inspiring. He was a young man going through a higher education when he got really sick and eventually lost everything and had to live in a car with his Dad for a time. His mother walked away. Being at the bottom got him reading. While in the car, he read everything on self improvement he could find, from Dale Carnegie to Maxwell, to help him get through it all. His search for inspiration led him to interviewing the most successful people he could find in North America. From former Prime Ministers of Canada to C.E.O.’s of businesses, he reached out for their insights on how to succeed and be happy. He began to give talks and now is writing his book from his mentors’ thoughts.

Our conversation was the right topic for me for I have spent my life trying to inspire others. When you’re on the right topic it’s easy to be inspired, and of course that’s when I immediately write to you.

Reflecting on what matters is the trick, not only for writing but for getting clarity on what matters for us. Getting ready for the holidays drags a lot of us there and hopefully we become different. We speak, act and, sometimes, we write differently. The magic of inspirational reflection works. So here’s what I thought about and am writing about this morning because of that conversation.

The life we choose everyday, the challenges, the ups and downs, never end. All of it never stops regardless of your age or what you have achieved. As hard as it is to accept most times – it’s not about what you have. So does our fundamental need as my young friend discovered in his interviews and in his writings. He said it is love. Now we all seem to know that but we mere mortals seem to have to discover that over and over.

Love. It can be described in many ways. Being cared for regardless of our weaknesses, being respected, appreciated, understood, listened to, and recognized. It’s about doing what you love, some passion, being part of something that matters… a reason to get up in the morning with enthusiasm! A reason or the why behind “the what”.

It truly is a matter of the heart yet we don’t use our heart sometimes to let it in or to experience it. Dale Carnegie said everyone craves it, yet we act as if life is all about logical thought. My new young friend says too many young people today want money, power and recognition. They don’t want to become successful by working on themselves to deserve it. They spend their time getting instant logical answers on the Internet for everything. The “five ways to do this and that”. But the truth is the truth. The experience is what teaches and being a certain way is what causes what you receive.  So I told him about where I get my love.

My love of my family, all our wonderful experiences, my grandkids, terrific friends, the outdoors, being healthy, my best bud, ‘Bentley the English Springer’, my love of helping and inspiring others, the Dale Carnegie business, being a contributor to my Dale Carnegie industry, my sports teams (yeah the Jays, Tiger Cats, Maple Leafs, Raptors), boating, fishing up north or down south, and walking Fort Myers beach in Florida with ‘The Bent’.

I love being in the Canadian north within the wilderness and the miracle of nature. I love coaching on how to grow a business. For over fifty years seeing my clients succeed, and my team who helped me create a business everyday. They were my best investment ever… my mentors.




Sometimes life just flows really quickly. It just goes by. If you don’t get what you want or the love, recognition, respect or achievement of goals, you can’t fight it. The daily journey is about rolling with it. Seeing what’s really there, being resilient, appreciating it and moving on. Just being the person who deserves to be loved through your thinking, talking, writing and actions. In other words, let happiness in.

Thanks to my new young friend. You caused me to reflect and to be a little happier. Hopefully my readers will reflect too and will be different, especially as we enter the holiday season.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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