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Who Cares About Success?

by Kevin D. Crone

September 7, 2015
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I wonder who really studies success and how to get more from life anymore? With the “busyness” of life taking over our time, it’s easy to just get through the day the best we can without being totally committed to the study of success. And then we are open to believing others will, or should, take care of us like the government, a union or a company. It’s easier to criticize, blame and demand than work harder at becoming better, and today reading a blog can be confused with action and implementation.

Listening to politicians, they talk as if they’re the answer to our success. Are you kidding! All they do is bribe us with our own money and sell us baloney! Success and business and the economy have their own rules. Success creates new money and achievement. It’s nice when the government is there to keep things fair, to look after the essentials, and to keep the environment for success healthy – but only we can create our success.

For over fifty years, I have studied how to succeed because it was my work but also because I met someone named Bud Hogburg when I was making eighty bucks a week. I was taking part-time university courses, playing baseball and doing all the other things 21 year olds do. Bud not only coached me in a Dale Carnegie Course that woke me up, but I went to work for him. He promised to mentor me about success. He asked me to study, “Think and Grow Rich” and a few other success classics especially, “How To Win Friends and Influence People“, which I read five times. Once in the zone, away I went and never stopped! Then he gave me daily coaching and feedback which I was more than willing to accept.

At the age of 28, I wound up owning the business and eventually built an organization from coast to coast. This is not an unusual story. I’m nothing special. As I look back, I wonder if it would have been easier to just show up, let someone take care of me rather than to build the beliefs, philosophies, education and methods on how to succeed in life and business? Who knows for sure, but I can’t imagine I would have what I have now, including all the experiences and worldwide friends without the few success tenants that I learned, implemented and followed.

I remember studying George Carlin’s success ten years back. He was a wild but intelligent comedian, author, actor and critic. In an interview later in his life, he recalled how he succeeded because he created a picture of what he wanted when he was a broke, young man, got into the proper and appropriate success mindset, made research and questioned what is going on in the world. With passion, he began writing about what he learned. Then he practiced, practiced, and practiced delivering the material, learned to adjust with adversity and never stopped living and pursuing his philosophy of success. That’s his success method in a nutshell. What’s yours?


  • Does it include a renewed picture of what you want and desire?
  • Are you still studying success? Are you in the focused mindset right now?
  • Are you studying what’s going on in the business world so you can adapt?
  • Do you make practicing your craft a very important priority?
  • How is your attitude? Are you bouncing with adversity? Are you persevering?
  • Are you taking coaching and mentoring?

It’s easy to forget to take stock of these questions every now and then.

I know you understand the importance of this message or you wouldn’t be reading this Monday Morning Mentor. So continue your journey. Success always leaves clues. Never stop studying.

Remember, action is all there is!

Have a great week,Kevin D. Crone


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