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What’s Going On? Part II

by Kevin D. Crone

August 25, 2014

Last week I covered the top 3 changes: 1) A risk, more adverse market; 2) It is tougher to access (or market) for new business; 3) Why leadership is so important.

Here are 3 more changes to move forward to what you want for your business, team and for yourself.

4) Blame people, dealers, customers or – build them. Help them change or change them. For example, get your salespeople studying the new evolution of selling, the trends, issues your customers face in competing, what works in seizing your customers attention, connecting your offering to the customers changes/challenges, influencing the customer as to what they have to do to meet the challenges, helping them decide how to reduce risk, maximize returns and collaborate with them on implementing the needed solutions.
multi-ethnic team rejoiced
Give your sales managers and team leaders coaching and leadership skills. This is not a nice, general, personal development perk to keep them happy anymore. This is a necessity for the business to grow. Your salespeople won’t change unless your sales manager changes.

Cut routine costs but invest in the capacity of people to not only produce now, but for sustainable business growth. If you don’t, constant costly turnover and people giving up within a blaming culture is upon you. Try taking the hill with the competition shooting at you and the buyers are so resistant’ you have nothing left to do but bark tired orders that are falling on deft ears. Nothing is wrong. The business world just changed… so change with it!

5) Rethink and reload. Leaders like Jeff Element, CEO of The Travel Corporation in Toronto ( Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations, Contiki) are engaging management teams, customers, inside and outside salespeople to rethink and reload. Despite the current culture, decent present financial results, and any other excuse to not proceed to change, he presses on. He leads. I love working with him and many other leaders in Ontario who have the courage, fortitude and vision to change and adjust. They take coaching and act on it .

6) Some sales teams are being coached by a modern approach to sales management. Many managers are taking the time to up their game. Sales teams are being coached into a new sales process that evolves into a customized, self-created system to create value for the customer on every contact rather than just for the salesperson.

With succession issues, it behoves all of us to create the resale value for the business, prepare for a new type of change leadership, improve talent management strategies, and, for many, step into the leadership careers that will present themselves. Lots of insight is available for those who want to be winners in the new game of business.

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Have a creative week!

Kevin D. Crone
Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
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