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We Might Forget This Skill

by Kevin D. Crone

November 19, 2018
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Have you noticed what people talk about the most? It’s the day to day, little details of life and business – as if that’s all that matters. These things seem to take our mind away from what gives us meaning, is most important, and motivates us. Yes, motivation – remember that! Find out what a person’s motivations are, and you’ll find out how to get along with and influence them. And motivations often change.

I have known Don for 35 years or so, but just the other day, I heard a story from his first manager as to how he got started in business. He was raised by his mother, literally on the tough, poor side of the tracks. He wanted to live on the other side, for there lived lovely Linda who was used to the good life. So he lived in a $10 dollar-a-day lodging while he was out of town selling his services. He worked day and night to do what it takes. He scrimped and saved and bought his own business. When they got married, he was determined to give her a good life. He found and built others who wanted to improve their lives and out of it all came a great organization, team and business success. “Don was one of the most hungry, and intensely motivated guys you could ever meet”, says his mentor.

MMM Insight

There are a lot of potential Dons out there. Unfortunately, too many people don’t have anyone asking them what they want, what their dreams are, and what gives them meaning. And they don’t have too many people interested in helping them get there by mentoring and showing them how to succeed. When you really think about it, none of us get there on our own. We provide the motivation, but others show us the how-to’s.

Too many managers think employees just do things because they’re expected to or because they’re told. They forget that people do things for their own reasons not our’s. They never find out what makes other people tick. They just throw their goals, missions, and the never ending business plans at them.

So if you want to succeed, build an updated case for your own motivation. If you want to build a team, find out what others want and help them sincerely get there.

Look for those who are hungry, look for some Dons, and coach and build them. If you’re a business owner, build others to succeed. It will be the best financial investment you’ll ever make. In the long run it, will give greater returns.
Invest in people, council, plan with them; and keep your commitment to them. Never let them down. Have their backs. Push them and hold them accountable. It’s a life’s work and a good life.

MMM Action

Of all the things I feel is important to business success, I say that those who help others succeed are the ones who succeed the most – financially or otherwise.

So be a motivated builder of motivated people.

What’s your motivation? What do you want? Who are you building this week? What’s their motivation?

Have a great week!