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Waking Up a Business Means Waking Up the Little-Known Secret to Success…

by Kevin D. Crone

August 22, 2016
Secret to Success - Final

It is puzzling to study business and try to determine the best path to achieve personal success as I have for 48 years – and then realize that knowing what to do isn’t as important as we make it out to be. Yet, you and I are constantly looking for answers. We think that when we find them, everything will be better. Really? Applying what we already know is what really matters. Why is it that we don’t always do what we know we should do?

What also occurs to me in my study is that attitude is responsible for about 80 percent of our success.

Enthusiasm is the little-recognized secret to success. Why is enthusiasm important in business?  It is such a critically important attitude that we should become masters at applying it in our business and our personal lives.  Dale Carnegie described it as vitality, belief in what you are doing, and the demonstration of spirit and energy in all that you do. Why do some people keep going and growing, even in tougher times, and others simply wilt?  The answer is: enthusiasm.

Some people think it’s cool to just know the answers to what is wrong so they can complain or cynically challenge every new plan.  But people with enthusiasm define and play the game of business – while others are just spectators or commentators. It really doesn’t matter what is wrong with the world; the focus should be on how we are dealing
with the world in relationship to the life and business we want to have and that we’re creating.

As a young guy with zero money in my pocket, who worked while attending school, I remember greeting an associate every day with a cheerful “Good morning!” This bright graduate, a former engineering major with a decent job and a prosperous future, would answer, “What’s good about it?”  I wonder what ever happened to him. Not much, I bet.

Who has enthusiasm? Well, putting it simply, some people demonstrate enthusiasm and some don’t. Those who succeed usually do so mainly because of their enthusiasm and passion for what they do – period.  Where does your passion come from? What do you believe in?  Do you talk from the perspective of the past, present, or your future? Where is your vision? How is your vitality?  Does the world get to see your beliefs and dreams in action, by the way you talk, walk, and get at things? Do you walk briskly, head held high? Do you speak from possibilities? Do you make commitments and important promises?

It is so easy to lose some enthusiasm because of the problems in the business world today… or we might become distracted and lose focus. Then one day, we all come to the realization that there always will be problems. But somehow, back in the day, when we were focused and enthusiastic, we were able to succeed despite the constant problems. That is the power of enthusiasm. We need to constantly stoke the fires of enthusiasm for the pursuits that are important to us.





  • Review and reset a one-page picture of where you are going, your priorities, and goals.
  • Talk to satisfied customers or the beneficiaries of your work first thing in the morning, and hang out with people who are enthusiastic at lunch.
  • Use LinkedIn and other ways to connect with people who are going somewhere.
  • Turn nagging problems into challenges.  Move quickly and attack the tough, stressful stuff head on.
  • Get deeper into your industry, your work, and the related markets. Read trade magazines online, study industry websites, and listen for the market needs.
  • Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.  Feelings follow action and actions follow feelings.  Discipline is sometimes defined as a characteristic required for anything that doesn’t come naturally and requires practice.  Practice the discipline of being ten times more enthusiastic this week despite what is going on.  Write on a card, “I am ten times more enthusiastic.”  Carry it with you as a reminder.  You will become even more enthusiastic.

Practice at least one of these ideas this week. Watch what happens. Energy, fun, achievement will attach itself to you. Be enthusiastic to learn new skills!


Have a great week!
Kevin D. Crone

Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 ext. 223