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Thoughts on Creating and Living an Extraordinary Life

by Kevin D. Crone

May 2, 2016
Mallard Duck by Dave Mather

These thoughts come from 50 years of studying success in the professional and business improvement business; being an owner of a coast to coast business, and networking with successful people. Here it goes.

1) Successful people are confident.
Whether you’re running a marathon, being exceptionally healthy and fit, building a business, giving an impactful speech, being a producer in your company, or any other major activity or mission, your success has much to do with your mentality, as it does your performance.

There are a lot of things that look like we can’t do well, but who really knows until we try?

Confident people put themselves out there. They’re brave! They act in spite of their fears. It seems that everyone assumes being smart is all you need. Well, it helps to know what to do, but few people think big enough and actually act on their thinking. Is Mark Zuckerberg just smart? I think he is brave too. Confident people pull the trigger on opportunities and possibilities. Few are like Stephen Curry, but, like Stephen Curry, they take the shot and find out from exposure to experience and from learning that they can handle plenty of things that initially look tough or out of their wheelhouse. In reality, it’s all hypothetical until you get into action. So they’re continually expanding their comfort zone and building their confidence. It’s easy to say, “How come he/she did that? I could have done that.” The reason they did it, is because they got constant help and coaching from those who can made the experience easier than just jumping in the pool when you can’t swim. But everyone could learn how to swim – even those who are frantically afraid of the water with support.

So keep building your confidence. Look for experiences, coaching and training that pushes you to do what looks difficult. It doesn’t make sense to say, “I can’t do that”, when you just did it successfully. I’m convinced that fear holds more people back than any one thing and most people don’t realize it was their own choice and their mindset that held them back. For many years, I coached business people to build the business they wanted and thousands to develop the habits and behaviours they need to succeed. Once confidence happened, everything looked easier, new goals, dreams and horizons expanded. They were the same people – but with less self-imposed restrictions.

2) While you’re building your life and career, don’t let distractions, ego, poor habits, complacency, over-analyzing, or trying to compete with others get in your way.
And these things will get in the way. “It’s just being human”, the average person says. Well the person who builds an extraordinary life develops the dream, vision, goals, and has the plans and develops the skills to create the life they want. They aren’t reactive. They are proactive. They develop focus on the life they are creating, concentrate on learning and getting better and developing the behaviours and actions required. They actually have all those things in place and it equals a design of the life they want. Here are the elements of creating an extraordinary life.

Dream: Is a “what if” that appeals to your aspirations. Why not you?

Authentic Goals: These are just a stretch as to what you want and what behaviours you need. Those that want an extraordinary life want to produce big, not just be average. They don’t compete with others. That’s for high school. They want to be of value, not just beat the other guy. The marketplace determines how they’re paid by the value they produce. Their goals are about the why, not just the how. Don’t be totally logical with goals or you won’t be open to a little luck.

Priorities: Are established and it shapes their time management. For example date night, exercising every day, eating well, Saturday just for the kids, or whatever matters most. Those creating an extraordinary life plan around their priorities and take control of their time.

Focus: They stick to what they want. Get rid of things that don’t work or are bad habits. Their instincts rule – not their impulse. They know what is effective – or not. They aren’t distracted.

Learning: They really know how to listen and take advice. They develop a taste for the truth so they know what to change. They figure things out and keep it simple. They choose wisdom over complication.

Ego kills careers: They don’t believe their ego’s BS. It’s amazing how our egos cause us to justify, blame and deny. If we screw up, admit it. Own it. Then adjust perspective. Learn, plan and get back at it. Action is more important than “look at me.”

3) Most importantly, they act. They know action is all there is.
They can create a better job, build a business from scrap, engage a team in the changes needed, create new offerings for the marketplace, build employees, and find new opportunities in the marketplace. As Confucius said, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is right now.” They get enough facts and no more, and act. Once they act everything becomes practical. It’s been my experience that most actions work and even dumb ones create new learnings and opportunities.

Creating an extraordinary life… you can over think it, or just do it – it’s up to you.

Have a great week!

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032


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