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The Secret to Your Organization’s Future Success

by John Zettler

March 15, 2016

The reality of today’s working environment is that organizations want and need the following: they want/need to innovate to stay relevant within the market, they want business growth, they want to create a culture of engagement, and they want to differentiate themselves in the marketplace as compared to competitors.

To achieve the results described above organizations need all employees to take the initiative and Lead something. More specifically, here’s what organizations are looking for: Change Leaders, Momentum Builders, people who will drive Innovation, Lead Projects, and people who will Inspire others. At Dale Carnegie we support the notion that everyone needs to Lead something within an organization. If you want your organization to be successful now and for the future, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Ask your employees the following question: What can you Lead within the Organization and Why is that important? Once they’ve determined what it is they’ll Lead, we start to move to the challenging questions. I assure you, if you hold people accountable and get them to dig and do what’s necessary in answering the questions below, your business can’t help but be more successful.

Step 2: Get employees thinking about who they need to “Be” and “Become” in order to Lead the initiative(s) they’ve committed to above. Think of it this way. Who do they need to “be” each and every day when they show up at the office? For example, they need to show up with a positive attitude, need to be focused, need to communicate well with colleagues, need to be clear on their deliverables, etc. The harder question to ask and answer is this “Who do they need to become in order to achieve success.” For example, they may need to build their influence skills, need to commit to becoming a continuous learner, need to become a stronger Leader, and need to become better at building strong relationships. They decide what this looks like for them.

Future Success

At Dale Carnegie, our Foundations of Leadership Course helps people with what I’ve just described. Here are the 6 outcomes of our core Dale Carnegie Course that ensures future success:

  1. Ignite Influence and Leadership – We teach people how to inspire, motivate, coach and lead people to places they wouldn’t go on their own. We teach them how to build momentum with their team, create breakthrough engagement and performance through their changed presence and positive attitude.
  2. Inspire Communications – It’s not only what you say, it’s also how you say it. We teach participants how to: fire up presentation skills and style, build trust with deeper listening skills, communicate with clarity and conciseness, overcome presentation/speaking fear, and use strengths to communicate with power and influence.
  3. Charismatic Human Relations Skills – Two of my favorite Dale Carnegie principles are the key to success here. Dale said – “Become genuinely interested in other people.” And “Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.” Building more charismatic human relations skills is predicated on the notion that we care about other people, and not superficially, but deeply. We’ll teach participants how to: build trust, grow relationship and social capital, gain enthusiastic cooperation, deal with conflict in a way that keeps dialogue flowing, and coach people to improve their performance in a way that doesn’t cause resentment.
  4. Manage Stress, Worry and Ignite a Positive Attitude for Success – Before we can create success for ourselves, we need to start with the attitude that we can do it. We need to bring that positivity to everything we do each and every day. A positive attitude alone won’t get us there though, we also need to build our capacity to manage stress and worry, get out of mental ruts, develop greater capacity to positively inspire ourselves and others daily, help everyone accomplish more and build momentum towards goals. We’ll teach participants how to lead and coach, ultimately creating a culture for success.
  5. Rock Solid Confidence – To be seen as a Leader by peers and/or other Leaders in the organization people need to show up confidently and with poise when it matters most. This will allow them to take on greater challenges and opportunities, communicate ideas better to inspire others. Participants will learn how to stretch themselves beyond what they thought was possible. They’ll overcome their fears and uncertainty and will ultimately be more decisive and action oriented.

We know that what we just described is the “hard stuff”. It’s the stuff that is currently holding people and ultimately organizations back from being successful – and it takes work. In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, organizations can no longer be reactive to the market, rather they need to differentiate and be a Leader. To accomplish this you need Leaders and we can help create them for you. Don’t wait any longer, call us today to discuss how we can help.

Your move – what will you do next?

Give me a call at 905-826-7300 or send me an email at jzettler@dalecarnegie.ca to develop a winning strategy for your team.

Best Success!

John Zettler, Director, Talent Strategy
& Development, Dale Carnegie Training®
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 235 or jzettler@dalecarnegie.ca


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About the Author John Zettler brings almost 20 years of human resource experience to the challenge of better leadership we all share. He has invested his skills and energies and debated leadership with some of our country’s best leaders. Through this, he has refined a style of management that focuses on leadership conviction, authenticity and caring as the cornerstones of a more nuanced set of management skills we can all benefit from. Instead of balance in our life, he challenges us to a new style of work life blending that both gives us:1. The rush of seeing our people grow and prosper in a company that truly cares about them and their dreams.
2. The time and focus to also contribute the same level of passion to the needs of our families.

To hear more of his insights, click here to view his video as he discusses, “Leadership is Hard Work”.


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