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The Price You Pay… is way too large if you don’t face up to your biggest challenge.

by Kevin D. Crone

March 10, 2014

I talked to my buddy who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico last weekend. Lee is the best leader of people I have ever met.   He is like John Wayne’s character.   He talks with simple, clear insights and backs it up with his behaviour.  I want to be just like him when I grow up!

We were talking about how so many in our business society are bluffed out into thinking they have to look and act cool, and be a little delusional about what they have to do in life.  They act as if everything doesn’t matter – such as being an incredible, impactful communicator, a genuine influencer of others, going after their dreams and goals with a success-orientation, to actually wanting to be better, and willing to do something about it.

I asked Lee, “What’s the missing?”  He said if we pull the hairs on each of our arms we would flinch a little because we are alike. We actually fall into the human being category.  We all have fears and worries.  As a matter fact, worry has become an epidemic.  Anxiety is like fear, only it relates to something down the line that could be truly fearful.  All levels of fear, anxiety and worry can limit our ability to live our lives and can affect our performance in business.  We have self doubt, although you may not recognize it in some young people.  (They are not as good as they think they are.)  They leave school with debt and an education, and can’t get a job that matches their education, if they get a job at all.  They don’t realize that the marketplace pays them for the value they are worth not what they think they are worth.  It seems unfair in today’s marketplace, but what a realization.  You can appreciate why so many are disengaged or waiting for the next opportunity instead of creating a better self that helps them become worth more to the marketplace.

For all of us at any age, our biggest challenge is fear We may not recognize it immediately but let’s ask ourselves these questions:

  • What really holds us back from going after our business or personal vision? Why do we put actions off – even those that could potentially improve our life or business?
  • Why do we need to be passive or too aggressive?
  • Why do we worry about what others think of us or how we look?
  • Why don’t we listen to others and leave our judgements aside so we can see reality and do something about what has to be done?

We are a complicated lot (Irish expression) aren’t we?  

One simple, uncomplicated truth is we need to face our fears and become comfortable doing what we need to be comfortable at.   For example, don’t hide behind emails.  Talk to people.  Listen and dialogue and influence them.   Stand up and speak up.  Be assertive but not aggressive.  Lead when being a follower would be cooler and part of the crowd.  Request from people what you need.  Make bold proposals.  All these things come from people who have a success philosophy and are confident.

As my son, Kevin Robert, said yesterday to all of us in our team “When you see someone doing something really exceptional don’t just think wow – I couldn’t do that.  Instead, realize he/she is scared a bit too.  They just get used to being uncomfortable at doing the things that matter to their aspirations and goals.”  He is an insightful guy Kevin.  You should meet him at one of the complimentary meetings he does for our marketplace.

I am so proud to be part of an organization that for over 100 years helps millions to expand their comfort zone and develop the behaviours of good business and life.   We see the truth everyday and also see how smart people pay too big a price for not facing up to their doubts and fears. They accept too little and give into circumstances instead of adjusting to what is required. I guess we can try to have a stress-free, laid-back life, but good luck with that. How about feeling the adrenalin we get from just going for it instead of the negative and harmful adrenalin we get from doubt, fear, and worry?  I choose the former.

MMM Insight:

Yes Lee, all of us are alike in the core part of life.  We either gain confidence or we lose some.  The world keeps changing.  We can’t stay comfortable in a past world. We need to uncover what we are uncomfortable doing as it relates to our aspirations and adjust to what’s required and find a way to be more comfortable.  It’s that simple.

Some more questions for you:

  • Are you or your business going through a transition to adjusting to a new way of selling and marketing?
  • Are you ready to face up to it and get more comfortable with the new ways?
  • Are you managing in a culture of non-performance?
  • Are you ready to lead?
  • Are you building your craft?

Whatever it is – what do you really need be good at?

I hope today you realize just getting more knowledge or education isn’t the only answer. Stretching your comfort zone is.

MMM Action:

What occurred to you, I mean to you – not how the world is, but how you are? Where do you need to be stretched? What are you going to do?

Have a great, uncomfortable week.  You can handle it.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

A Special Invitation from Kevin D. Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor…

There was a day when sales worked!

In those days:

  • Product peddlers could start pitching with their product benefits and people would listen.
  • Whether salespeople dropped in or had appointments to see what their prospects or customers needed and take orders, buyers would give them the time!
  • Even professional solution-sellers could stop in to see customers, and the client would appreciate the visits and the solutions that were found for them!

No more.  Traditional sales don’t work the way they used to.  How are you supposed to grow your business these days? Now what?

There was a day – not too long ago – when being a thought leader would get you fans who trusted you and eventually they would go to you, as long as you could be seen on the Internet and through social media.

Well, where are the leads now? The sales?

The Internet has changed everything. Customers already know what their problems are, and they’re looking for solutions – but not from marketing, and not even from the very best solution-salesperson. Sales and marketing have changed and a lot of traditional methods are no longer panning out.

We have been engaged in a world-wide research project to find out more specifically what’s going on. We are now ready to share some data that will explain not only what happened, but the ways in which we all have to adjust to find and keep customers.

There are new ways to sell and market. We will explain it all to you at our next Executive Coaching Series – March 18th.

Kevin D. Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor, and his son, Kevin Robert Crone, will be revealing that research along with a possible action plan for those who can see the need to adapt.

Please join our Executive Coaching Series:

The New Sales/Marketing Transition
Tuesday, March 18th
2:30 – 5:00 pm
Dale Carnegie Center of Excellence
2121 Argentia Road, Suite 103
Mississauga, Ontario

Register Today!

As always, you will enjoy Kevin’s style, the peer conversation and the insights revealed in the new research.

If you have questions, please email Chee Vang at cvang@dalecarnegie.ca or call our office at 905-826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032.


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