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The Number One Success Factor

by Kevin D. Crone

May 12, 2015
Kevin D. Crone - Ignite Your Business

Last week, I talked with a friend (a retired Canadian businessman) about his past success and he reminded me of how important overcoming fear is in creating the career and business you want. When I first met him, he was reserved about everything, but not today. As a very young man I remember being confused about what I should do in life and I had little confidence in my ability. Had I continued being that way, I can just imagine how little I would have achieved. I would have had a great story going on in my head about why the world wouldn’t let me succeed. I would have missed opportunities and never built a national business like I did. I would have shunned a lot of social situations, and I would have had many people problems, and made few friends.

Casual portrait of young businessmanFortunately, a young engineer graduate told me that taking a Dale Carnegie Course would be just as valuable, or more, than a university degree. I was just 21 years old when I took the program. Now, over eight million others have done the same, including many successful businesspeople like Warren Buffet.

I faced my fears.

At Dale Carnegie, they swept me into exercises that pushed me way out of my comfort zone. Successfully doing scary things created a sense of confidence and a belief in myself that led me to see and pursue many opportunities and to at least try to pursue success.

I got swept into the business of Dale Carnegie. I was constantly doing things – sales, management, managing finances, and marketing – that frightened me and it never stopped, but I was forced to do them and I think I got pretty good at some of them.

Becoming a Dale Carnegie coach was the biggest challenge.

Over two years of being groomed to be and do things that were about the person I was coaching, and not about me. To learn to listen deeper than normal, to demonstrate exercises that might make a macho he-man-type cringe and cower, and to demonstrate the ability to act enthusiastic until it became the norm. This training, grooming and coaching brought out capabilities and confidence I would never have imagined. Never again was I ever this challenged to grow.

It was enough that allowed me to continually put myself into challenging situations without fear. I was not intimidated by important clients, CEOs or meeting with management teams. I wasn’t afraid to learn, invent and apply new research to my work. Did everything work? Of course not. Did I succeed at everything? Yeah, right! Do I occasionally have fears and doubts and didn’t do some things I feared? Of course! Don’t you? I’m no big deal. I was just a kid who faced some fears, became a little something, at least from my point of view, more than I ever dreamed. How about you?

I’m sure courage is just the beginning and you must garner it over and over in life. Whether you are 21 or 71. Confidence comes and goes and it takes a little informed courage to begin over and over again. Mainly it’s a head game and action is the only cure. By doing the thing we fear to do until we overcome it. Not recklessly, but with a simple plan and maybe some professional help we can overcome plenty and always get better. Look back over your life and you’ll see how many things looked too difficult or hard at the time and you could have easily said, “That’s not me” – and never begin.

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What are we saying today about certain challenges that hold us back from at least trying – don’t let those thoughts in. At least make a clearer distinction: “That’s not me now, but I could do it if I begin to learn, and most importantly, act.”

Fear holds more people back than anything else. It can work for you by pointing out to you what you need to get better at, or it can paralyze you and cause you to accept less in life than you could achieve. It’s up to us!

You can create the life you want with the miracle of confidence.

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