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The Magical Way to Succeed – No Kidding

by Kevin D. Crone

November 13, 2013

Last week I wrote about my roadside chat.  And I’ve heard from many of you who had a similar experience, usually a moment that turned your frustration, unhappiness, or despair into a new beginning.  It seems that many people can relate to my example of feeling like a failure at some point in their lives.

The main reason for my own failure way back then was my timidity, and inertia.  I wasted time worrying about what other people thought, and I anticipated failure before I ever began. I was going nowhere, yet I still had high hopes.  This was a period when my intentions turned to stone, when I seemed doomed to failure.  When I read Dorothea Brande’s book, Wake Up and Live , at the side of the road, it caused me to begin to counteract my failure, my nervousness and my inertia.  Right then I began to turn my ineffectiveness into effectiveness. Yet I was the same guy – sort of.

Even so, I was pretty blind to how I was wasting my energy on habits of failure. (Believe me, it consumed a lot of my energy.)  I was wasting my life, with my poor habits, rationalizations, excuses, and most of all my fear, cowardice, and attitude of discouragement.  My dreams were useless until that day I came to terms with myself on that country road.

I induced a new state of mind that was quite uncomplicated and very easy to practice.

Before that chat, I took the slowest tourist route to get anywhere, often making wrong, stupid turns.  I was able to be philosophical about it and I could make fun of it, and garner a few laughs along the way.  Oh, it wasn’t really funny then, and it still isn’t now.  I could kill plenty of time by getting into unproductive activities, but the truth is I had a business to run, and a career to build, and the pursuit of failure wasn’t what I really needed to be after.  My carelessness and excuses weren’t holding water.

Over the last 49 years I have been involved in the gratifying work of helping individuals, leaders, leadership teams, and businesses to wake up, grow, and succeed.  Now, I know it’s not so easy to look deeply at yourself or your organization and face the truth, and then, once you do that, it’s not so easy to begin to move in a successful direction, either, for a variety of reasons.   But taking those bulls by the horns will help you move your life or business even more quickly, to the next level. Sure, we can spot destructive behaviour in others or in the ways others run their business but, until we come to grips with our own reality, nothing changes.  What is the practice I developed that day that woke up both me and my business?

Act As If It Is Impossible to Fail  

Why not take this practice on? It takes the same amount of energy as you’re already putting out.  It has worked miracles in all aspects of my life.  As I said last week, I gave it two years, and in those years I went on to winning awards, making money and forming lots of deep-rooted success habits.  That doesn’t mean I still don’t make the wrong lazy turns every now and then, or sometimes make the chicken choices. I still do, occasionally – but generally, I go for it.  Taking on this new way of looking at things isn’t about some personality science, and you shouldn’t pay attention to any “logic” that tries to explain why most people can’t practice it. Hogwash!

MMM Insight:

Act As If It Is Impossible to Fail   

I see this principle working with many of the successful executives and teams I’ve coached, including good business friends and successful people in various disciplines.  Often they do practice this habit of mind unconsciously.  Each one of them has a different personality with a different management style and different drives. They breathe, talk, love, and hurt the same as all of us.  But taking on this attitude is what separates them from those who simply get by.

The people I’m talking about have problems, and some are big ones. They learn to handle it all.  Sometimes they fail. And then they succeed and generally win in all aspects of life.  Yes, they too have to “wake up” over and over.  Those of you who read this email every week are usually capable of letting success principles in, but many of us get over-consumed with activities and inadvertently get into routines that aren’t always best for us.  So we have to make sure to “wake up” every now and then.
MMM Action:

There you have it.  Simple.  Come to grips with what is really going on and then:
Act As If It Is Impossible to Fail.  

Try it for a month, then two.  Then two years, until you don’t have to concentrate on it.  It will become you.  You will be who you say you are. You will be in action toward your aspirations and dreams.  Why not?  Why not you?

What are you thinking about right now?  Are you judging this message, or your own performance, your complacency, maybe even your own excuse-ridden story?  I am not trying to put you into a negative state, rather, I’m trying to propel you to a better one.  You don’t lack anything you need to begin practicing this principle.  We all need to wake up occasionally or we will unintentionally be pulled into mediocrity, or even outright failure.  Today, the fact is that our business is usually a year or two away from success or failure.  Our lives will always be what we make them.

Well, what are you going to do?  File this email – or practice the rule?  Are you there yet?

As always, I invite you to give me a call or attend my next small-group dialogue. Usually it’s the people who are very awake that are the ones who show up, and I love our interactions.

Have a great week!
Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300


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