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The Magic of Action

by Kevin D. Crone

August 17, 2015

When I was in my early twenties I read book, “The Magic of Believing“, by Claude Bristol. An old proverb states, “Believe that you have something, and you’ll have it.” Belief is the motivating factor that enables you to achieve your aspirations. When you believe in yourself, your goals, your reasons for doing things – you are empowered to succeed. This isn’t hocus-pocus. Over the years I have learned that when you want something with a strong passion you tend to attract the answers, knowledge, and people that help you move forward.The Magic of Believing

Obviously, if you don’t believe, you don’t begin. Setting a clear vision, declaring possibilities, setting goals around things that didn’t seem to be possible, seeking out inspiration through reading, study, and from mentors, are all tools to build belief. I found that when my belief was missing, I had little passion. I experienced a lack of vision and direction and I could have stumbled on answers and opportunities and I wouldn’t have seen them. That is the way it is for everyone. Strong belief = great success. The mind is incredible, so use it well. Work at ways to build your belief.

I wish there was another book titled The Magic of Action. The magic in getting into action comes from the unexpected discoveries that can lead to different actions and next steps that will guide you to your vision and what you desire. Some actions aren’t perfected in advance. As far as I am concerned, they never are really perfected. You make do, you make things work and you figure things out as you go. That’s how it works. Your commitment, passion and belief keep you going. It is truly magical. I’m not sure how it all works, but I do know it works.

Entrepreneurs are great examples of how to create success from no answers in advance. It is always hilarious to hear corporate suits advising entrepreneurs to do better planning and to be sure of things. They live in two different worlds. Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t have even started if they listened to too much so-called professional advice from some slow-moving corporate types. Answers never come first. Belief, desire, passion and commitment come first.

Successful people make a habit of doing the things that most unsuccessful people don’t want to do. It is that simple. The thinking, habits, conversations, and ability to act are different. The most coveted trait of successful people is their ability to act on what is required. They learn, study, and inquire into everything to move forward and respond to changing customer needs or markets. They implement the necessary changes. They create plans that stretch themselves or the team. They challenge the conventional “suit” wisdom and invent new offerings for their customers. They go after opportunities. They build their success philosophy through study, mentoring and coaching. Daily they monitor their time and make the best use of it by establishing clear priorities and acting on the most important concerns. They pull the trigger on ideas and they want them done by Monday. They have an incredible sense of urgency. They manage the year by their plans and work at doing whatever it takes quarterly, monthly, weekly. It all comes down to the actions of the day.

When you read this, it’s easy to think that this takes a lot of work. Well, yeah. That’s what makes life exciting and meaningful and full of promise. Maybe that’s why I hear from others that there are so few who want to do what it takes to succeed, because of all the work involved. Scott, my neighbour in Florida, owns a successful business in Guelph. While we were out fishing, he described his early years in business and how he would do whatever it took to find and please customers. He reminds me of every successful person I know. That is what they do. Combine the power of believing with the power of action and you have a magical business, career and life.

How about you today? Are you a bit complacent, wanting things easier? Don’t wish it was easier – wish you were better. Making things simple is one thing, but making things easy leads to being too laid back.

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Start rebuilding your passion, belief, and vision through study, mentoring, and coaching, and experience dreaming about what you want to conceive and create.
Many great writers, consultants and ex-businessmen like Drucker, Collins, Peters, Welch, Bossidy, Iacocca, Fritz and Senge have all told us what to do to build our business, career or team. We really don’t need another book to read that will only lead to more books to read. It is time to implement what fits us. The thing is, these businessmen and management consultants didn’t just write – they implemented, and that is why people pay to listen to them. Many people walk out of a lecture or put their book down and say, “I’ve heard all this before”, yawn, and go back to their routine lives, while others act. Why is that? Who knows? It is difficult to understand. I would guess that 90 percent are yawners. My suggestion is to walk away from the 90 percent and hang with the 10 percent who act.

Set higher goals.
It is so easy to want to relax and just be a watcher instead of a real player. It is easy to become cynical or lackadaisical, or to think everything is okay so why strive to do better. We need summer breaks and sometimes even a “who cares” break, but that’s what it is, a break. Let’s make things better by making ourselves better and create the life, business and team we want.

Are you sitting on some big decisions? You know where you need to get better, don’t you? People who kid themselves by using a well-thought-out story about circumstances and barriers in their way aren’t into action. Action cures everything and it is the genesis of all results. Make the big appointment. Talk to the person you need to talk to. Go see your best customer. Reset your budget, your plan, whatever. Every day is the only day you have to make it happen.

That is why at the end of every Monday Morning Mentor I ask you to inquire into what action you are going to take, because I know it will build your belief and the habit of doing whatever it takes, every day.

What action is required for you today? Now take that action – you are part of the 10 percent.

Remember, action is all there is!

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone

Dale Carnegie Business Group
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