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The Fine Art Of Letting Go

by Paul Kearley

February 18, 2014

Do you remember when it happened, how you thought it was the worst thing that could have ever happened? Do you remember how almost every waking thought consumed you with regret, or rage or defeat? Do you remember how you felt, like you were alone and no one could ever understand your pain. Do you remember the promises you made that this would never happen again?


When the desire to never feel that pain again is greater than the pain of new change and new decisions, change will happen, and it will be permanent.

The only way change can happen though, is if you do something about it, and keep on doing it because action drives change.

Self-defeating thoughts of helplessness or revenge won’t get you anywhere except further away from a solution and closer to defeat.  Just ask, “Am I willing to forge a new future with new habits and new thought patterns and let go of the past? Aren’t I worth That?”

You must start, put your first foot out and claim the ground that it lands on, then take another step and do likewise.

Decide to change your actions, step out of where you are, and your thoughts will follow.

~ Paul Kearley
Managing Partner, Dale Carnegie Business Group – Maritimes Division
(506) 432-6500 / pkearley@dalecarnegie.ca

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