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The Biggest Problem We Face

by Kevin D. Crone

September 10, 2018
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If I asked the people I know, “What do they worry about?”, at the top of their list would be their kids or grand kids. They want things to go well for them in their careers, jobs, relationships and lives. We all say that it just comes with being a parent or grand parent because we love our families so much. We want to influence them and help them succeed. That’s our job and it can be a tough one from time to time, but well worth it. It is also the source of most of our happiness and fulfillment.

Our ability to influence is the key factor. Relationships at home can be tough and at times can cause the most unhappiness as attested by the divorce rate and the social and physical problems resulting from our inability to get along with and influence others. Relationships with associates or our bosses can be challenging and stressful as we have all experienced. Your promotions and financial success will come from your ability to deal with people in business.

You would think our customers would always get the best us. They would get the friendliest and influencing us. Yet again, customers usually leave because of the indifference they receive from their suppliers, vendors or providers of services and products. The big problem in our lives is always people. It has been quoted for years that about 15% of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering, to personality and the ability to lead people. Yet, most academic education is about theories and things that we should know but don’t necessarily prepare us for real life. The real problem… people!

Last week on my fishing trip with three successful and happy friends I heard examples of why they all have great relationships at home, in their community and in business. Mike over dinner in the cabin one night told us of how he always read great short stories to his children from the book called Value Tales (you can order it on Amazon). It describes how successful people succeed. He is now doing it with his grandchildren. The impact he has on his kids is amazing. He has always been a very kind and respectful gentleman to me and those in my circle of friends, but I would guess that he is adored by his family.

Larry, well Larry is just the most outer-directed, fun loving guy there is. Never saying a bad word about anyone and always celebrating everyone else’s success. He couldn’t stop talking of all the things he is going to do or is doing with his kids and grand kids when they grow older. They are blessed.  So are his customers and his team.

Don is the nicest, most thoughtful guy there is. He is strong, principled and incredibly skilled at listening and showing respect for others. What a guy! Who wouldn’t want to work for him or be in his family?

They have it all, business success, community leadership, and great families. It is clear that we only use a small part of our physical and mental resources. We possess powers of various sorts which we habitually fail to use. The most glaring is the fine art of getting along with people in every day business and social contacts.

These gentlemen exhibit those skills. They put the time into developing and practicing time tested people skills that brought out the best of their potential. All three studied and applied and took coaching on applying all Dale Carnegie’s 30 principles in dealing with people. I suggest this morning that you download those principles now (right here it’s free) whether you think you need them or not. It has been my experience that no one knows they need them until they apply them and experience a difference in their relationships and the improved results they receive in their lives.

To take it further I suggest you reread Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” which is selected as the business book of the century, so you will be inspired to act. To be the best at it and to develop the habits I suggest you go even further and get some coaching in an enlightening group who are all applying the principles and much more. I never commercialized anything in my ten years of writing but I do suggest to everyone that taking the Dale Carnegie advanced leadership course is just a life – business – family – changing experience.

The purpose of education is action not just knowledge. It is important to realize that, especially in our digitized world where knowledge is so plentiful. Make the time and transition your life in this artful program and see what happens. You will never regret it. If you have taken it already, take it again.  Habits take time and life changes. You will continually become the person who will attract more success and happiness. You will continually have access to the solutions of your everyday problems and issues. What an advantage!

Have a great week!