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Talent Only Gets You So Far!

by Kevin D. Crone

March 9, 2015

He has another level and he refuses to lose, not coast, just flat out do whatever it takes to win. I’m talking about Kyle Lowry , our all-star starter of the Toronto Raptors. It’s as if he carries a whole team with his will and determination! He produces. He leads! I realize not everyone is into sports or basketball, but it’s worth watching him at least once. You’ll see what I mean.

How do we get his demeanour as a whole team in our businesses so we can compete better… to win and achieve our goals? Yes, it takes more than talent! Usually, at least four times a year we have to make a decision from top to bottom to put out a maximum effort. Sounds too corny or rah-rah for analytical, logical, business types, and just because we have heard that prescription before, and it may sound trivial, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

A collective group commitment to share the responsibility of winning, and not just one guy is the ticket to move a business forward, to progress and to grow a business. The battle is internal. To get in each other’s face, to allow people to push you forward and you them. In life, in sports, in business, it’s about habits.

When a team coasts, it develops bad habits. It loses what it had before. Some teams never get it to begin with. Again, it’s between the ears! All of us have to deal with the internal nonsense in our minds that produces an air of complacency. We can ease up, talk a good game or find ourselves making excuses, taking away our focus. We can become arrogant and that’s a losers game. We won’t realize what hit us. We need to grow up and constantly keep pushing with a Kyle Lowry-type demeanour!Leadership Training - Dale Carnegie - hands

The big questions that teams have to ask collectively and personally are:
“What are we about?” What am I about? Are we living on our past successes and coasting? Are we making up excuses so we don’t have to try and possibly fail? Are we afraid of what it takes? Are we not confident? Are we too passive… not motivated? Do we believe that success is something we deserve?

Well, in this big, tough, competitive world that is not how it works! You don’t deserve it. You must reach out and grab it despite fears etc. The scoreboard in business is all that counts! Words don’t do it. Skills alone won’t do it. Education and knowledge alone definitely won’t do it! The team you’re on this year in 2015, needs you to step up. Your team needs to step up.

Our world isn’t about the stories in the papers or on TV. What does that have to do with us or our team? It’s nothing at all if you focus on your own success and do what it takes.

Thanks Kyle. You inspired me to write this Monday Morning Mentor. Watching you makes me feel that I could put out more. I hope it inspires you this Monday.

MMM action button
• Keep on keeping on
• Refuse to lose
• Don’t get bluffed out by anyone or any information
• Turn it on and get the habits going again. You can’t control all that happens or even the results in a team game but you can get it going by focusing on what you can control – your effort!

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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