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6 Tips for Improving Your Focus

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With all the daily distractions, stresses, and to-do’s we have to get done, getting focused and “in the zone” for work can often be challenging. Knowing how to combat these obstacles and setting ourselves up for focus is key to the success of our work. We need to have the tools to get motivated and stay focused on the tasks that come with our daily workload, and these are six ways to help ...

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5 Things You Can Do to Create Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance. Is this a real thing, or just a unicorn that so many of us are endlessly searching for? And what exactly does work-life balance even mean anyway?  While each of us interprets something a bit different from it, the basic principle is that it means having a satisfying amount of time available outside of work for our personal lives. Some of us may need more time for joyful things ...

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5 Benefits to the Remote Work Model

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As we approach two years of many people making the shift to working remotely, many people are now facing the decision to either return to the office or to continue working remotely. While weighing these options, people realize that they can thrive, be productive, have better time management, and perhaps enjoy a better quality of life while working remotely. As technology has boomed during this ...

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3 Tips For Holiday Productivity

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The holidays are upon us, and often that can create some chaos in the workplace. Whether it is because of increased workflow due to increased business demands, decreased productivity due to employee distraction, or a combination of both—here are some tips to make sure you (and your team) are staying productive and having fun during the most wonderful time of year. Plan We’ve all heard it ...

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Boundaries and Habits

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While work may be back to business as usual for the most part, what that looks like today might be different than what it looked like two years ago. A lot of the country is still working remotely. There is shared solidarity in that experience when it happened seemingly overnight. Employees went from having a designated space in an office with office supplies to finding a way to make it work at ...

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Tackling the Time Management Matrix

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Often when we struggle to meet our daily goals, it’s more likely due to a time management problem versus lack of motivation. You start the day strong. You wake up, go through your morning routine and make a to-do list for what you want to accomplish that day. The motivation is there, the desire to follow through is there, but something happens between motivation and results that leaves us ...

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