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3 Dale Carnegie Quotes for 2022

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With a new year comes new goals, resolutions, or sometimes recommitments to previous ones. As we kick off another year, here are three Dale Carnegie quotes to take with you as a guide for the upcoming year. “Today is life, the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. ...

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Three Tips for Habit Building

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It’s been said that you’re 30 days away from the old you. If you don’t stay consistent with your habits, it’s just a matter of time before you revert to old ways. As we approach the new year, goals and resolutions are top of mind for many people. While it’s easy to pinpoint what you want to accomplish, the hard part is following through on it. Here are three tips for habit-building that ...

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3 Tips To Spark Holiday Joy

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‘Tis the season for crushing business goals and planning the upcoming year. As we approach the holiday season, life can get hectic. A time that’s intended for family, friends, and a slower pace of life can often feel like the complete opposite in the workplace. Here are three tips to ensure you keep gratitude and joy forefront in your personal and professional life.  Attitude of ...

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Boundaries and Habits

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While work may be back to business as usual for the most part, what that looks like today might be different than what it looked like two years ago. A lot of the country is still working remotely. There is shared solidarity in that experience when it happened seemingly overnight. Employees went from having a designated space in an office with office supplies to finding a way to make it work at ...

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Influencing Others In A Positive Way

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It’s been said that all of us light up the room—some of us when we enter it and others when we leave. Which one are you? Hopefully, you’re positively influence others. If you’re unsure, follow along for some tips to be mindful of as you grow in your influence. Show Kindness Next time you find yourself in a frustrating situation, be mindful of whether you’re reacting or ...

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Working Well With Others

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One of the most challenging aspects of working in a team setting is the many different personalities at play. Sometimes this is a great thing, and other times it can create tension amongst each other. It’s easy to work with people who think like you, but how do you work with those who approach their work in a way that doesn’t make sense to you? Here are three tips from “How to Win Friends ...

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3 Ways To Control Your Nerves

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When it comes to presenting, the main culprit in our potentially unsuccessful delivery isn’t our lack of knowledge or curated PowerPoint—it’s our nerves. We often talk faster, stumble, add filler words, and/or blank on what we want to say. All because we’re nervous. Talk about frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you control your nerves so that they don’t control you. Practice, ...

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Winning at the Game of Life

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If life were a game, would you be winning at it? Have you gained victory over the goals you’ve set, or are you feeling defeated? As with every game, how you show up and play directly results in whether you achieve victory or find yourself defeated. If you are lacking a good strategy, here are three tips to help you be victorious. Identify the Victory Before you can achieve the victory you are ...

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Tackling the Time Management Matrix

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Often when we struggle to meet our daily goals, it’s more likely due to a time management problem versus lack of motivation. You start the day strong. You wake up, go through your morning routine and make a to-do list for what you want to accomplish that day. The motivation is there, the desire to follow through is there, but something happens between motivation and results that leaves us ...

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Start Working Towards Your Goals Today

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Whether it’s the type of life you aspire to have or the business idea you’ve dreamt about for years, we all have dreams and goals that we think about constantly. The problem for a lot of us is, it’s easy to get stuck in “one-day” land. We’re serious about the idea of accomplishing the said goal, but often we let too much time pass by without actually taking action. Before we know it, ...

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Build That Communication Muscle Back Up

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We are at a point in our country where several offices are starting to open their doors back up to their employees. While you may be looking forward to the office, it’s also normal to have some hesitations and concerns, especially when it comes to your communications skills. If you find yourself excited but nervous, here are some tips to help you prepare to interact with an in-person office ...

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Three Enemies You Didn’t Know You Could Have

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Hate takes a toll on a person’s health—mentally, emotionally, and physically! When we feel hatred, we’re releasing stress hormones in our brains. The long-term effect of living with stress leads to inflammation in the body, which opens the door for several other health conditions. If you just did a mental rundown of the people in your life and determined you don’t hate anyone, you might ...

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