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3 Dale Carnegie Quotes to Guide You in Your Leadership Efforts

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In a time that has been dubbed as “The Great Resignation,” being mindful of your overall team morale is key. Without a team, a company can not reach or exceed goals. Your people will always be your most valuable assets. Here are three Dale Carnegie quotes to guide you in your leadership efforts in this new year! “Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of ...

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Driving Participation Virtually

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In a society that is heavily reliant on technology, people skills can often suffer. We know how to communicate on social media and via text, but we don’t always know how to communicate face-to-face. When the nation seemed to go fully virtual almost overnight, it left a lot of businesses and organizations confused on how to continue to drive employee participation and rapport like we were used ...

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3 Ways to Value Your Team

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As a team leader, one of the most important responsibilities you have is fostering an inclusive environment where each team member feels seen and heard. As the workforce continues to evolve with where and when employees are working, employees are also shifting towards a different set of wants and needs when it comes to vetting out a potential employer. According to company culture statistics, 79% ...

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