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3 Steps to Fight Burnout

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Are you feeling burned out? You’re not alone! A new Visier survey showed that the pandemic created widespread remote work with employee burnout at epidemic proportions (89%), driving a major resignation rate as a result. Whether it’s because you’ve taken on more work or are having a hard time shutting down for the day—know that what you’re feeling is valid. Often it’s more of the ...

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Are You Leading Yourself?

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When we think of leadership, we often think about leading others. But it is important to remember that before you can do that effectively, you have to be able to lead yourself. That will look different for everyone, but the principle remains the same—do you practice what you preach? Do you walk the walk? Here are a few ways you can do a self-leadership audit: Know What You Are Working ...

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Three Enemies You Didn’t Know You Could Have

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Hate takes a toll on a person’s health—mentally, emotionally, and physically! When we feel hatred, we’re releasing stress hormones in our brains. The long-term effect of living with stress leads to inflammation in the body, which opens the door for several other health conditions. If you just did a mental rundown of the people in your life and determined you don’t hate anyone, you might ...

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Conquering 3 Types of Fear

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Fear is normal. Everyone deals with fear. But even though to be human is to know fear, it does not mean that we should let it overrun our lives. When it comes to leadership and success, fear is nothing more than something unknown to us. The only way to break through that proverbial wall is to stop thinking about what you fear and instead take action—now. Here are three types of fear you may be ...

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Affirmations for Your Career

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Whether or not you already say them, most people are aware of what affirmations are. Before you count them out, there is power in self-talk. The way you speak to yourself will greatly impact your self-belief, and ultimately how you view and receive your environment. Affirmations are statements you can say to yourself regarding any aspect of your life, including your career! You can say them first ...

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Three Reminders For Working In Sales

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Whether you’re new to sales or more seasoned, here are three tips to remember when you’re making friends and looking to influence people.  When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. When it comes to closing a sale, it’s important to remember most purchasing decisions are not based on logic. In fact, a logical decision made by a ...

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