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Six Steps to Success in 2015

by Kevin Robert Crone

January 14, 2015

For many of us, now is the time of year when we renew ourselves. The key to renewal is “new”. The route to change needs new: thinking, disciplines, levels of collaboration and ventures or products.

During 2014, at Dale Carnegie we’ve dug deeper and worked harder to find the best route to success – the top “ingredients” that shape the new equation of success. We’ve pushed and prodded our clients to think beyond their conventional approaches and find the unique, and practical methods that will change their circumstances and the success of their clients.

It’s been challenging and rewarding. It’s been a journey that’s provided us with an in-depth look at their most vexing and challenging concerns and has enabled us to implant a culture of best practices for some great clients.

It’s honed our belief that the answer to success is often standing right in front of us in the remarkable people that have already built our companies. However, for so many of us, finding the formula to get the most out of our workforce and to give them more happiness and satisfaction, in return for greater engagement, is like extracting gold from a gold mine. It takes skill and a lot of work.

To succeed we need to; attract, recruit, hire, on board, motivate, train, inspire, recognize empower and reward our workforce better than we ever have and this may sound daunting, but it’s easier than you might imagine. We’ve been blessed to see company after company succeed in renewing themselves.

The following six themes surfaced time and again when we work with Canada’s top leaders, whether they were a leading bank, providing professional services to Fortune 500 companies, creating futuristic products, leading a major retail chain or building teams to compassionately take care of our parents and grandparents when they most need help.
Six Steps to Enduring Success

1. Attract, Assess and Recruit Outstanding People. We need to build our employee brand to attract the very best. Assess them for passion, skill and aptitude, and recruit them by promising them recognition, advancement, respect and rewards.

2. Build a Culture of Innovation, Collaboration, Service and Intentionality. To achieve our goals, our employees need to be a team that is very clear on its values and purpose, and is dedicated to helping each other diligently and creatively to serve our customers.

3. Practice Every Day Leadership. We need to lead every day, not just when we think we’re inspired but every day. To do this, we don’t need to be super heroes but we do need to truly have all our stakeholders interests at heart: employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community we live in.

4. Practice Honest and Open Transparency. We need to be honest with ourselves and our employees and be willing to have tough conversations that enable people to see their strengths and weaknesses and be positively motivated to be their best self. Empathetic transparency builds trust. We cannot have a double standard of entitlement or sit in judgment – instead, we need to treat people openly and honestly and stand in service of our people.

5. Be Grateful. It’s our employees and customers that bring success to our companies and create the well being of our organizations.

6. Give Value. Every employee and customer wants to be respected and valued. We owe it to them and it’s how we’ll ignite employees, make them happy, and have them deliver their best, even under the most trying of circumstances.

The following talent development leaders have generously shared their insights. They’re engaging, informative, inspiring, provocative and sometimes shocking, but they’re bound by one idea: to make a company stronger, smarter, more innovative, dedicated and competitive.

Click here to hear them in their own words.

Our Success is Predetermined by Our Choices.

Which route are you willing to take?

• Constant learning
• Better customer listening
• Identifying your best practice
• Mining your teams best strengths
• Defining the culture you want
• Relinquishing power to empower your people
• Instituting every day leadership
• Being more grateful

For me, it’s been a great privilege to work with those inspiring experts who are driven by passion for talent development and accelerating employees performance.

Wishing all the best in finding your equation for success in 2015. I hope we can play a small part in it and bring the experiences and insights we have developed, in no small part due to the great clients we have enjoyed working with over the past year.

We’re ready to assist and help you with any of your ambitions, goals and objectives.

Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca

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