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Real leadership in business

by Kevin D. Crone

July 23, 2018
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Being a sport fan, I tend to listen to sports all talk radio, watch TV sports and read all I can about my teams. Now, Facebook and Twitter and comments after media articles are available and can be the scourge of the ridiculous. The trolls who like to be cynical and like tearing everyone and everything down can literally drive people’s opinions. The media perpetuates this negative stuff because they have to fill programs and articles with content.

What a wonderful environment for winning, for success and happiness, isn’t it?

Cynicism and negative environments certainly affect our motivation and enthusiasm.

  • Are we being sucked into this narcissistic, cynical culture?
  • Are our heroes the arrogant, cynical and outrageous?
  • What is wrong with us?

Maybe some exceptional media people can pull this off and do well financially but isn’t it a bit tiring? I remember Wally Crouter , who owned the radio marketplace in Toronto and was voted the top radio personality in North America year after year. He was respectful with people, he built people up, he was supportive, he was inspiring and he created a culture that was attractive and compelling. After listening to Wally you felt better about life, sports or whatever. He did well too.

Yes, leaders like Wally would have to adapt to our new world of public media but I believe he would do it without losing himself. How would you like to be in charge of building an environment for the Maple Leafs to win? Or even your own business? What’s weird is most people don’t realize what they’re doing when they spew out constant criticism, whining and complaining. We must be so used to it that we don’t know better.

Come on, don’t get bluffed out and influenced by blowhards who are trying to be heard, to find some kind of importance or have some agenda. Let’s not mix all the media hype and worldviews with real life.

There are fundamental human needs of people. We all need respect, to be appreciated, to be important and be in an environment of support. Yes, we need accountability but how it is applied really matters. It’s called leadership. We follow leaders.

We are desperate for real leadership in business, politics, government, and in our families. Let’s you and I be one. Let’s inspire, encourage, show appreciation, show recognition and build a following because people want to follow us.

Arrogance is not compelling and it blinds reality. Let’s catch ourselves in our criticizing, condemning and complaining. Let’s focus on building the organization and be producers in it. Let’s focus on building others because people will follow us for what we have done for them. If you and I keep our criticizing down, treat people with respect, focus on building the business, our team and produce for the company, we will be respected for what we represent, like Wally Crouter was. Now that is beyond cool. It is real and is what is needed.

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How about we catch ourselves with what comes out of our mouth this week. Let’s build not tear down.