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Raise Your Game….. The Answer

by Kevin D. Crone

October 19, 2015

How Do We Grow Our Service Business…. The Question

How do you raise your game when global economic turmoil continues to have an impact on the Canadian economy and your customers? When hasn’t adversity, change, and uncertainty been a part of the business and personal success game? Business is tough – always has been. You have to compete and competition is tougher. You’re doing okay but you have to face up to adversity, reality and make choices and decisions, and move forward. There are never guarantees, but you know that if you do the right things, usually the right things happen that will enable you to optimize your firm.

Oh no, we have to do? You may be thinking, we’re not too good at change and the implementation of strategies. Yes, some companies are better at executing than others. Most get fired up about what’s possible, analyze, create and plan new strategies and then momentum dies under the stress of work and problems. Besides, what’s good for the business takes time and few want to sacrifice anything, practice, improve, apply new habits and make principles more important than money.

And what are the “right” things?

Generally management knows what to do but the right things get lost in the pursuit of instant gratification and bluffed out thinking that essentials and principles aren’t as important as they used to be. Well, they are. Being excellent and exceptional cannot be optional.

Over the last two and a half years, our worldwide organization, with over three hundred offices, has been engaged in four separate research projects to determine: What’s going on; what the trends are; and the issues and subsequent factors and action steps required to grow a service business. Locally, we took it a step further to determine what is relevant in Ontario.

Each week I’ll send you an email in which I’ll address a section of our research report which describes the 14 factors preventing a service organization from reaching its highest level of potential. We’ll review the service industry picture and the best way to address the factors. Now, back to the doing part.

Before I published this report, I tested the response to these factors and actions required with some long term, successful clients. “Right on” they all agreed! Again, they said, “We know about some of these things but somehow we think because we know about them we kid ourselves into thinking we actually do them. In reality, we don’t do them like we should.” So the outcome of my Monday mentoring and the report, is not just about knowing about this research, it’s about how you address these factors and begin doing more of the required actions even better. As always, action, the right action, is all there is.Business Leaders

Today a lack of information isn’t the issue. We’re almost overwhelmed with information. What we need is the inspiration to seriously re-think the strategy and deliver superior client benefits. As Josh Donaldson from the Blue Jays said “This is not the try league. This is the get it done league.” We could say that about businesses today. The best get it! The best get it done.

Raising your game is about taking advantage of all the opportunities out there. It’s about becoming better. Not just trying to become better but actually being it by doing all that is required.

Let me rush to the bottom-line of our research. As a result of increased specialization, a worldwide trend towards decentralization and the resulting trend to outsource it, the technological revolution, the information explosion and a multitude of other trends and factors, this is the best time to be in the service business in Ontario. It’s the perfect time to optimize the business, increase its capacity to perform and to rise to the highest level ever. Your industry is doing well. These are profitable times. No reason to complain or make excuses. This is the get it done league.

Are you ready to raise your game to go to the next level?

Stay tuned. Next week, I’ll reveal: Issue Number One.

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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