Monday Morning Mentor (3)Monday Morning Mentor (3)

Just for Today!

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Whoa….. Monday again!  Sunday, I just finished all the stuff that went into planning this years fishing trip with my old pals.  Getting there, the banter, fixing one of the boats and the dock. Oh yes, the fishing, the meals, the packing and cleaning up and the long drive home Sunday from …

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Disruption….The World Needs More Canada

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Recently, I gave a one-hour presentation in Boston to a group of business people from around the world, who are part of a 104 year old company. I was asked to disrupt their thinking about how to grow in this chaotic business world.  In my presentation, I reviewed the 60’s, 70’s and …

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An Important Letter to Leaders

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If you lead, you probably have a picture of the future you want and how to get there.  It’s usually what’s in our head and our heart, and shows up in continual conversations with our team.  Planning is the key. While necessary, budgeting is the least important in building the future. …

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If you think you have a Millennial problem… you probably have a Culture Problem

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I’m no different than everyone else who’s out there trying to figure out who “Millennials” are and how we engage them. The difference is, I’m also still trying to figure out who Boomers are, who X’ers are, and who the next generation will be instead of suggesting …

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Angry bossAngry boss

The Biggest Problem You and I Face

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That problem is dealing with people, especially if we work in business. Even in a technical position such as engineering. About 15% of one’s financial success is due to technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering, personality and the ability to lead people. …

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Monday Morning MentorMonday Morning Mentor

Does the way you Deal with People Actually Make a Difference?

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Strange question you might say.  Does it really impact your career, family business, your wealth?  A few years ago, while I was attending the annual re-certification of our coaches/instructors (I’m proud to say this annual event is mandated by our corporate office to refresh our skills, …

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Balancing what we know with a Changing Reality

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Not too long ago I was talking with a CEO who had done well in their industry for 25 years or so, and then things changed.  Yes, the economy had an affect but the very structure of his industry has changed.  In other words, his clients didn’t want his high priced, high quality service …

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Puzzle Team PhotoPuzzle Team Photo

The 6 not-so-big questions to build your business, develop your team, and cultivate your future leaders

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There is no doubt that things just aren’t the same anymore. In recent years, the entire structure of business has changed, all over the world. As a result, business people have had to find ways to survive, be frugal, stay together, hang in there. Understandably, business leaders may be …

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Gordie Howe – A Leader with a Human Touch

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Last week we lost one of the greatest hockey players ever to play the game. Interestingly enough, as I listened to my sports radio station to/from work, and as I watched his celebration of life on television, very little time was spent on how great a hockey player he was and the majority of the …

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What are you afraid of?

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A couple weeks ago, Norm, our guest speaker, asked everyone to write down “What are you afraid of?” He got some stares and then a few to share. Wow. (How many in your company would answer that question honestly?) He said that, in his experience, successful people do the things that …

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Happy multi-ethnic business team with thumbs up inHappy multi-ethnic business team with thumbs up in

Where to Find Referrals

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If you’re sure you’re connecting to your market and know what customers want and why they want it; if you know the emotional and logical impact of your service, and can describe it in a compelling way; and if you routinely give the best advice to your customers on what to buy – …

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Butterfly by Dave MatherButterfly by Dave Mather

How To Be More Successful During These Warm Days

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1) Figuring out how businesses make money, especially the one you are in, is a great place to start.  Over the weekend, a few of my friends, who are quite successful, went with me to open up my cottage.  I was impressed with how quickly each of them zeroed in on the topic of how to have a …

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